Ashley and Anthony

How we met

Anthony and I were set up on a blind date by my Aunt Michelle and his mom Debbie. Our families had been friendly for years but Anthony and I only knew each other from when we were little. Anthony called me to make plans and I was impressed that he actually called instead of sending a text message. We met that fateful night for dinner at Parkside in Providence and we hit it off right away. We talked for hours getting to know each other. We even talked about the Greek debt crisis which is when Anthony knew we were a great match! Our relationship moved pretty quickly after that.

We fell in love and moved in together after only a couple of months of dating. It was just so effortless between us. We were comfortable being ourselves around each other immediately. There was never that awkward period of adjusting to being around each other. That’s when we knew we were soul mates and meant to spend the rest of our lives together. Since then have spent our summers up at Monticello Motor Club where Anthony drives his race cars and I am his pit crew! We spend our winters skiing and, when I can convince him, traveling the world, one of my favorite hobbies! We are so lucky that my Aunt Michele and his mom Debbie decided that we would be the perfect match and set us up on a date.

how they asked

On a random Tuesday morning Anthony asked me to meet him after work. He was going to drop his car off for an oil change and he needed a ride. After work while I was on my way to meet him he called and said change of plans, please meet me in Providence instead. I was completely surprised and started to think he was up to something. I must have called my mom a million times on the way suspicious that the proposal was going to happen that evening! I was so excited and nervous when I arrived at the new meeting spot. Anthony was there waiting and walked me to where he had a gondola waiting to take us on a ride down the Providence River.

He had a singer and guitarist on the boat as well to serenade us! He poured us some prosecco and off we went. When the boat reached a certain point on the river Anthony got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

I immediately said yes. At that point he told me to look up and smile! He had arranged to have our photographer, Nancy from Hancer Photography there to capture the moment! I found out later how much effort he put into planning this proposal. He had a map for Nancy and the gondola driver so that they knew exactly where the proposal would take place! The night Anthony planned was so magical and everyone made the night extra special! Nancy even ran up and down the river capturing magical moments during the gondola ride. It was by far the most magical night of my life!

Special Thanks

Hancer Photography