Anthony and Andrea

National ChampionHow we met: I’d seen Anthony around campus.  He played soccer at the University of Akron and had some classes with a few of my friends.  We were introduced to each other briefly in April 2009 but didn’t really talk after that.  The summer passed and it came time to start my sophomore year of college.  I was dreading that fall semester as I had to take accounting class (which I already knew that I would hate).

The first day of class came and I walked into Principles of Accounting to see a familiar face.  We didn’t sit next to each other that day, but after class Anthony said “You look really familiar.”  We started talking and ended up walking around campus for over three hours that afternoon getting to know each other.  That evening, he invited me to a concert.  It was our first “official date!”  I never would have expected that over five years later, he would ask me to be his wife.

After several months of dating, he finally admitted that I was his girlfriend.  Since then, we’ve visited nearly 15 countries together, graduated college and started law/grad school, bought our first house, got a puppy, moved to North Carolina, and had many curve balls thrown at us.  I’ve learned so much from him throughout these five years and can’t wait to see where life leads us in the next 75 or so.  I still hate accounting, but I’ll always be grateful that it lead me to Anthony.

how they asked:  It was the most wonderful, surprising, exciting day of my life.  I was sitting at work on a normal Tuesday, anticipating the date night Anthony and I had planned.  We were supposed to go to dinner and then to see the Phantom of the Opera.  Right around 5:30 as I was packing up to go home, I see a crazy cool old vintage car pull up in the parking lot.  I started calling to my coworkers and saying “You guys!  Check out that car outside!  What’s going on??”

A minute later I saw Anthony get out of the passenger’s seat, holding a boom box.  He walked up to my window and I could hear “In Your Eyes” blaring from the stereo.  I immediately started crying as I realized what was happening.  I walked outside where Anthony held my hands, told me he loved me and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.  He knelt down and asked if I’d marry him and, of course, I said YES!  I tackled him (literally tackled him… we both fell to the ground) and was overcome with happiness.

He got the ring out and whispered “I don’t know what hand it goes on…” So I showed him the finger and he slid it on.  It is gorgeous!!  He incorporated an antique diamond into a setting he chose without any input from me.  When we finally stood up, we turned around and saw about ten of my coworkers watching and cheering.  It was so wonderful to be surrounded by friends and coworkers during such a happy time!  He even asked a friend to take pictures so the whole event was captured!

After showing off the ring, he whisked me away in the super cool car to a sushi picnic he had packed.  It was so thoughtful, romantic, and adorable!  I’m so excited to spend my life with such an incredible guy!

Vintage Car Proposal (2)

Vintage Car Proposal (1)

Vintage Car Proposal (3)