Ansley and Evan

Image 1 of Ansley and Evan

How We Met

Evan and I met when we were 15 years old and juniors in high school. I played piano and he played the drums. We got connected through friends and met when we both played in band together for one of his high school functions. After a few months we decided that we were going to date. I guess that you could say I am old school because at the young age of 15 I told him that I was not dating for fun, but was dating to find the man that I would someday spend the rest of my life with. Luckily that did not scare him away!

Since that day we have gone to both of our proms together, gone through college together, we have each been there for the big milestones in each others lives, and have grown up together. That is my favorite part about our relationship. Every big thing that has happened in my life he has been there. He is my highschool sweetheart, best friend, and now ( 5 years later) my forever man. I cherish the memories that we have already had, but look forward to all of the wonderful memories to come.

how they asked

I left him at home as my family and I drove to our favorite destination spot, Disney World! On the second day, in the Magic Kingdom, I turned around when I heard a familiar voice shout “Well isn’t this the most magical place on earth.” I turn around, shocked, to see my handsome man running up behind my family and me. I assumed that this was the only surprise that would take place this trip, I was wrong! That night we had dinner reservations at Cinderella’s Castle.

I would soon find out that they were never my families reservation, but my fiance’s. As dinner went on I had absolutely no clue that one of the biggest moments of my life was about to take place. As the desserts rolled out, I got a plate that was decorated with rose petals and a beautiful hand blown glass slipper. When I turned around, Evan was on his knee ready to ask me to be his wife.

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He proceeded to tell me “I have never had a doubt in my mind that you are the woman that I was intended to spend the rest of my life with.” I was surrounded by my family as I told the man of my dreams “YES!”

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