Anokhi and Athreya

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How We Met

Athreya and I met on the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel in February 2017. For all of you dating app naysayers​: ​It can work, ​we​’​re a success story! After a few weeks of texting ​back and forth, we decided to meet at an art gallery in East Lansing, MI. ​​I had ​recently ​been on a ​few ​awkward ​dates​​, so I expected nothing less from th​is ​meet up. ​But from the moment I met Athreya​,​ I felt like ​we had known each other for years – I was happily surprised! ​His outgoing and silly personality made it easy for us to get along and I could tell he was sincerely interested in our conversation. As we walked around the gallery we ​quickly ​realized that neither of us really knew anything about art​,​ and headed to Whole Foods to get ice cream and walk through the aisles​. Who knew grocery shopping was the perfect way​ ​to ​get to know ​someone!

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About seven​ months into our relationship​,​ Athreya got an amazing job opportunity i​n​ Austin, Texas. Although our relationship was still somewhat new, I encouraged him to take it​,​ ​knowing we w​ould figure things out along the way. We were definitely nervous about how the distance would affect our relationship, but it ​actually ​turned out to be great! Being apart gave us the opportunity to truly get to know each other since we spent hours ta​l​king on the phone, texting, face​-​timing, even watching movies together online​.​ ​But it goes without saying, we absolutely can’t wait to move in together after we get married! We haven’t decided yet if we’re moving to Austin or if he’ll come back to Michigan​ – either way, we’ll finally be able to grocery shop together!

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how they asked

I​’​m a teacher​, so I get a wonderful week of ​Spring Break​, even as an adult​! A few months before our proposal​,​ Athreya suggested we ​take a trip together since I had the time off. We headed to Portland, Oregon with ​an itinerary ​full of ​things to do, places to eat, and sights to see. ​​On the last full day of our ​vacation, Athreya suggested we drive to the coast near Tillamook to see the ocean.​

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We navigated our way to Cape Meares, but the closer we got to the coast, the harder it was to get cell service. I could tell Athreya was stressing out about finding a certain lighthouse he wanted to see, and I kept reassuring him it was okay if we didn’t see the exact one he Googled, there was so much beauty around us! Eventually he managed to get us to the lighthouse and we walked up to the top – the stunning view was definitely worth the wait. We were surrounded by natural cliffs, and as I took in the breath​taking views around us, he proposed! I was absolutely shocked and couldn’t have been happier to say “yes” in such a beautiful place.

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But the surprise didn’t end there! Mioara, a friend of mine who happens to be an uber-talented wedding photographer, had been tucked behind the bushes taking pictures of the entire proposal! She emerged and directed us to take the most stunning engagement pictures all over Cape Meares State Park. After a week of laughing, playing, and eating, I thought our trip together couldn’t get any better, but Athreya still had one more surprise up his sleeve. At brunch the next morning, both of our families – from Seattle and Michigan – were waiting to congratulate us and celebrate our engagement! It was truly the happiest day of my life.

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