Anny and Aaron

We met many years ago a few months after Aaron decided he was going to move to Belize. It was hard for me to let him go, we got so close in only a few months. When Aaron landed he told me that he didn’t want to see other people on his island and that he would wait for me to finish college. He did just that.We did the long distance relationship for 1 year. We spoke every single day and always knew what the other was doing. We both visited each other once or twice during that year and spent real time together, it was hard. After I finished school I moved to Belize with Aaron. We were so happy there, our condo was beach front and amazing. Though we moved back home to Ohio eventually; we still visit our little island in Belize every single year!

how they asked: He (and everyone else) tricked me into thinking I was doing a favor for the resort we stay at by filling in for a model photo shoot, when the models canceled last minute. It ended up being the surprise of my life! They got me really good.

I might be the luckiest girl ever to have so many people travel so far and plan such an elaborate day for me.