Annu and Alish

How We Met

Alish and I met four years ago at his cousin’s 21st birthday in Chicago! His cousin was one of my good friends so I came for her birthday and met him there. It was a hi and bye thing, never really had a full in-depth conversation, As a matter of fact, I thought he was intimidating at first so didn’t really say much to each other. Then we matched on an Indian dating app called “Dil Mil” a few years later and the rest is history :)

How They Asked

Alish told me a while back that his good friend Kevin was planning to do his “Dirty Thirty” bash in New York City! He even asked me for good bars and clubs to recommend to Kevin since I am from North Jersey which is pretty close to the city. He said he got us a room at the Royalton Park Avenue hotel to spend the weekend in and said we should just stay in the city so we can explore and celebrate our anniversary then.

He even told me to find things we can do for the weekend and make an itinerary! The morning of, I found a brunch spot to eat it and noticed Alish was acting nervous and antsy and I asked him if everything was alright but he said he was fine so I didn’t think much of it. Then we went back to the hotel and sat on the rooftop enjoying the city skyline and sipping on some coffee, again he seemed on edge about something but I ignored cause I thought he just wanted Kevin to have a good birthday.

That we make it on time because he said Kevin told him we have to be there before 3:30 to pop the champagne and sing happy birthday, then we went back to room, got ready and then left to Monarch Rooftop, once we got there I saw Kevin and his other friend Roshan, Alish said he needed to use the “bathroom” but in actuality he was getting MICed up for the video, Kevin then said he was gonna go get his brother downstairs and that he will be right back, the hostess then told us that she will take us to our spot, and then BAM!

I saw rose petals on the floor, a bunch of picture canvases of us and I instantly knew. He went to every picture and talked about each of the days, then there was a blank canvas and he said this one was left blank for a reason, and then asked me to marry him!

It was super emotional and I was completely taken by surprise, then after I said yes he said: “Can we get the champagne out?!” But little did I know that was a code word to bring out our family and friends, and then I completely lost it. It was the most perfect day.

Special Thanks

The Brothers Gorman
 | Photographer
The Brothers Gorman
 | Videographer