Anntoniette and Mikyle

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How We Met

From King KY’S Perspective: Our story began in the Fall of 2012 when I was pledging to eventually become a Brother of Alpha Kapa Psi Professional Co-Ed Business Fraternity, Pi Chapter at Georgia State University. We were both students of Georgia State University and Anntoniette was already a member of Alpha Kappa Psi. During my pledge process I would see her often because she was a part of the E-Board who ran my pledge process. We never paid each other any attention during my pledge process it was just a “Hello and Good- Bye” type of relationship. Once my process was officially over I was back to my old self throwing events and parties thru my event planning company at the time. Anntoniette use to come to most of my functions and we would also see each other around town at other events. Her dancing is what caught my eye. She was always the center of attention with her dancing which she isGREAT at. I started to become interested because who knew this quiet girl could move like that. I started texting her periodically just to check up on her but we never pursued one another until Fall 2013.

Flash forward to Fall 2013, I was going thru some trials and tribulations and Anntoniette was by my side every step of the way. We started conversing more and more and one day I invited her over for “Dinner and Scandal Night”. From that night forward she has been by my side everyday…literally. From her staying with me at my infamous Plaza Ave Bachelor pad to me spending nights with her at her dorm room at the University Lofts.

In December of 2013 it was my graduation and my mom and dad came into town for the ceremony. Of course they met Anntoniette which was very special because she is the only girl I have dated who has met both of my parents. From that day I knew there was going to be something there but I didn’t know what that was just yet. Me being the stubborn man I am I was in denial. I made up in my mind that I didn’t want to be in a relationship with anyone due to the past trials and tribulations but there was no denying it, we were both falling head over heels for one another.


Finally February of 2014 is when I decided it was time to make is “Official”. I took her out for our 1st official date so I had to do it BIG. I planned a Cinderella Carriage ride thru downtown Atlanta. Months prior she would always talk about how she wanted to do that one day so I made it happen. Once the ride was over I had our hotel suite decorated with rose petals and had the champagne on ice! From that day forward we have been an “ITEM” but truth be told we had always been an” ITEM” since “Dinner and Scandal Night”.

How I Asked

The path to becoming Mr. and Mrs. Walker has been amazing to say the least. On August 3rd, 2014 Anntoniette and I decided to join Greater Friendship Missionary Baptist Church together. A week later we got baptized together and officially became equally yoked. On that day I knew Anntoniette would one day be my wife!

In June of 2015 I was given the opportunity to become a Property Manager of two apartment complexes in the Chattanooga Area. I was faced with a decision to leap out on faith and take the opportunity or to stay where I was. I talked to Anntoniette about the opportunity and she said to take the job because she wouldn’t want me to give up on my dream because of her. I ultimately decided to accept the position and told Anntoniette maybe she could get her an apartment in Atlanta. She said “NO! I’m coming with you!’ This woman drove from Chattanooga, TN to Atlanta, Ga and back EVERYDAY for work for an entire YEAR! What more did she have to prove to me? I had to make her my Wife.

I knew I had to do something big because it wouldn’t be me or her if I didn’t. I decided to go with the Cinderella Carriage Ride proposal because that was our 1st official date and played a major role in building the beginning of our relationship. I met with her Pops to ask for his permission and once that was granted it was time to put my plan into action. May 6th, 2016 is the day I decided to pop the question. All my family and friends were already in town for my little brother’s graduation which was the next day, so it was a perfect situation. I told everyone to meet at the Ferris wheel and I told Anntoniette that my friend Emanual Hunter who is a video director, needed us for a video shoot contest he was trying to win.

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We starting shooting scenes around the Ferris wheel and then the final scene was the carriage ride. Once the carriage ride was completed, I had them drop us off with our backs turned so she couldn’t see the crowd of people behind us. Once we got out the carriage I turned her around and we started walking towards the crowd and she could see the big sign saying “Queen Toni, Will you marry me?.

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Of course she said YES!!! I mean how could she not? LOL

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