Annon and Blake

Annon and Blake's Engagement in My Work

How We Met

Blake and I met when we were only 16. He had just moved to Alabama and was new to the town of Millbrook,Al. We met through a mutual friend at the Millbrook park downtown. We didn’t realize it then but that would soon be the spot we returned to often to meet up. We didn’t start dating right away and were best friends for a few months before we realized our friendship was growing fast and potentially turning into more. On December 6th, 2006 Blake asked me to officially be his girlfriend . I can remember one night in particular it was late and as a teenage girl I had an early curfew. I just returned home from his house and found my phone ringing shortly after climbing in bed . It was Blake, he explained that he had left something in my car and insisted I go look for it . As I walked outside i basically ran into his arms. It was there on my front porch under the stars that he told me for the first time that he loved me . That is a moment that still makes my heart skip a beat 10 years later . Soon after we discovered love we learned his parents were moving and we were faced with a really tough decision. He ended up staying in Alabama and two years later at the age of 18 we both joined his parents and moved to Indiana. After two years of living in Indiana and finally setting into our first home together we found out that in of 2011 our family would grow by two extra feet and we would soon meet our son. Scared and only 20 years old we made the move back to Alabama mid pregnancy. Started all over and moved into my parents home in Millbrook, where we soon welcomed Grayson into the world . At this point being together almost 5 years and having a child together the pressure was on. Everyone always asked about a wedding . When it would happen or when we would get engaged. Blake and I have never been in any kind of rush and it actually became a joke between us to tell people “if we make it to ten years, we’ll get married then” nobody was ever satisfied with that answer and we always just laughed it off because we knew how we both felt and we knew when we were ready we get married.

how they asked

Fast forward a few years, anniversary after anniversary we always received that dreaded question. “When are you guys getting married?” But the truth is we never felt Rushed and we always resulted back to explaining our 10 year plan . On December 4th, 2016 two days before our ten year anniversary it happened! I was in complete shock and it was totally unexpected even tho though we always made that 10 year joke. As I turned the corner at work there stood our son, in front of a microphone holding the sweetest sign that read “mommy, will you marry my daddy” after seeing Grayson of course I started scanning the room for Blake.

Where to Propose in My Work

Eyes full of tears I finally saw him and in the background of what seemed like slow motion I could hear the acoustic guitar playing “my best friend ” which is our song! He walked up to me and got down on one knee and it was just like a fairy tale . My own personal fairy tale . All of my close friends and even my mom was there to witness it . It was photographed and I will forever have those pictures as memories and the crazy thing is… I had no idea. We will be finalizing everything and actually getting married on December 3rd ,2017 3 days before our 11 year dating anniversary. I couldn’t be happier that we decided to wait. We have been through such a tough rewarding journey dating and I can’t wait to embrace this new journey as man and wife . Hope y’all enjoyed “Our Story” and we can’t wait to see everyone at the wedding!