AnnMarie and Jonathan

How We Met

We met on July 27th 2009 at a mutual friends birthday by introduction. We went our separate ways and bumped into each other again two months later, September 19th 2009 at another
party where we exchanged words and he had a corny but cute pickup line for my number. A few days later we went to lunch, talked for hours in my car until the sun rose, and little by little this became a daily habit. After a couple weeks of getting to know each other, and hanging out every day, we went on a spontaneous weekend trip to Atlantic City where we pulled an all weekender and did not sleep. It was so much fun, in the moment, and where we realized how much alike we are, and how strong our connection was growing. Late one evening on October 17th, 2009, we had a serious talk about us, about life, and a future we want to build together, he waited until 11:11 p.m. (where we had a corny ritual to make a wish every night) to make us ‘official’ and from that day on, we never left each others side, 6 years and 1 month later- we are now Engaged!

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how they asked

It was soon approaching my 26th Birthday on November 17, 2015 and he planned a surprise vacation. A couple days before we left he gave me hints of the weather being “hot” and a cute little box. When I opened the box it was a Message In A Bottle with gold glitters on a necklace. The box said, “Happy Birthday, Make a Wish, Believe”. When I opened the message it read- “Surprise Ann, we are going on a new journey, get your passport ready…” This was so thoughtful, and I was so excited. One of the highlights of our relationship is that we love traveling and going on new adventures together, these make some of our best memories. Every year he tries to plan surprises and ends up telling me so for once he wanted to be able to go through with a full blown surprise. I was completely shocked, ecstatic, excited and happy when I found out we are traveling to Copenhagen, Dubai, Maldives and Bora Bora. This is such a dreamy adventure, destinations I dream of, and didn’t think I’d be in any of them anytime soon. Most people go to these destinations for honeymoons and here we were just casually going to celebrate my birthday, that was simply a blessed and exciting feeling! We were having so much fun, doing a bunch of tours and excursions and it then came my birthday the morning of November 17th (our anniversary, my birthday, our lucky # and now my engagement is on the 17th). We started off the day driving luxury in a Rolls Royce around Palm Island in Dubai. We had breakfast at the most iconic and luxurious hotel in the world, The 7 star, Burj Al Arab. This morning started off like royalty and every step of the way I was treated as if I was a Queen. We enjoyed breakfast, high tea, cake cutting, soft music in the background and an underwater restaurant embracing the beauty of marine life. Sometime after we headed back to our hotel to get dressed, he made reservations for us at 3PM. We arrived at the Tallest Building in The World, The Burj Khalifa in Dubai, UAE. After VIP treatment and a 77 second elevator ride we made it to the top of the Burj Khalifa where we were presented with desserts, drinks and the most beautiful view on top of the world! The sun was beginning to set and a photographer came out of no where and asked if we’d like to take pictures. I figured this was a photographer at the site who was taking everyone’s pictures so I said sure why not (little did I know he was a hired photographer and the empty audience on the outdoor deck was planned). He asked us to go on the outside deck as the pictures come out much better. After a couple pictures I was just about over the photographer wondering why is he not going to anyone else, I wanted to get back in the A.C as it was burning up outside! I turned around after our last picture and there he was, going down on his knee saying ‘Are you ready for your birthday gift..” I could not believe what was happening at this moment it was all a blur as he was stating his love and asking me those three words, as tears rolled down both of our eyes, he knew it was a YES! He always makes me feel like I’m on top of the world, traveled with me to the highest peaks around the world, and gave me random rocks from every place we’ve been too- on this day, he went above and beyond on Top of the Worlds Tallest Building, literally on top of the world, and gave me a real rock..this was the most spectacular feeling for both of us, I loved every minute of it and it will be a birthday to remember for always. We enjoyed the rest of our stay in Dubai and headed off to an ‘EngagementMoon’ in Maldives and Bora Bora – the most magical, perfect proposal of my dreams!

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