Annmarie and Corey

How We Met

Corey and I met over 5 years ago at Maloney’s bar in downtown Denver through a mutual friend. One of my friends Nina who used to date Corey’s best friend had called me up and asked if I wanted to go out with Corey and Alicia so I said sure. When I arrived I walked straight to the bathroom where Nina was since I had never met these other people. Corey would tell you when he saw me walk in he knew he was going to talk to me. It just so happened I was apart of his group that night. Initially, when Nina introduced me I thought he was cute and that was it. Corey for whatever reason felt he was going to date me. For the rest of the evening, I was short, uninterested but he kept trying to talk to me.

Proposal Ideas Our house

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Our house

At one point in our evening, I put on a fake engagement ring because he wouldn’t stop talking to me. He immediately looked at me and was shocked because he knew I hadn’t had the ring the entire night. I explained it was to ward off creeps. Eventually, he went home while Nina and I kept our evening of dancing going. After that night, Corey would keep texting me and wanting to get together. If I was going to concert on the crescent he made sure to be there. I eventually caved and allowed him to take me on a date. We have been inseparable ever since.

how they asked

I have been waiting to get engaged to Corey for 3 years. I blew the lid on the whole thing during our 5-year engagement dinner. I knew for awhile that he was planning on proposing for a while. I knew he spoke to my dad in July about it because he told me. During our dinner at Matsuhisa, he had told me he didn’t have a gift for me because it was coming soon. That is when I looked at him and told him I knew he was planning on doing it during our yearly trip to Beaver Creek. Every year we go in the fall to the Ritz Carlton for a weekend getaway and this year was no different. I love to hike and this is a hobby that Corey has not taken an interest in. I told him instead of sitting on the patio all weekend eating and drinking I wanted to go hiking. He immediately told me we could go and that wouldn’t be an issue. I have asked him for 2 years to go hiking and his response was consistently no, but this time he wasn’t hesitant to say yes. I told him at our wonderful dinner that I knew this is when and why he was going to propose. The astonishment on his face was hysterical. The days kept passing closer and closer to our trip and I was patiently waiting for the moment when he was going to propose.

I even told my friend if he didn’t do it while we were on this trip I wasn’t sure how much longer I could wait. To my surprise, he popped the question on 9/26/17 in our kitchen. This was any other Tuesday, we both went to work and I called him on my way home like I typically do. He had asked me if I wanted to get take-out or go out to dinner. This time I told him whatever he preferred after finding out he had tried to plan 2 nice dinners I ruined by not wanting to change out of sweatpants. Corey’s response was okay let’s go out to eat. When I walked into the house I saw a man by the stove I started walking towards thinking it was Corey. However, when I took a closer look I realized this man in my kitchen had blonde hair, an apron on, and all of these cooking contraptions. I thought, “wait that’s not Corey, who is this man in the kitchen.” I hesitantly walked closer in the kitchen and my dog slowly walked up to me. I bent down to say hi and pet him. That’s when I heard Corey say he has something for you. Corey had made a book about our relationship and attached it to my dog’s collar.

Annmarie and Corey's Engagement in Our house

After, scrambling through the book I looked up to find Corey on one knee. Everything is like a blur other than hearing him say will you marry me. My response was, “uhhhh yeah.” Corey had 2 floral arrangements in our house, 2 go pros set up in our house to capture the event, and then told me we aren’t going to dinner I have an 8-course meal and wine pairing set up for us tonight. The entire night I kept asking who is the man in our kitchen and I thought we were going to dinner. It took me about 2 courses for the shock to wear off and burst into tears after realizing what had just taken place. After that night, we started the next chapter of our life.

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