Instagram Makeup Influencer Annie Tran's Bridesmaid Proposal

Just because you’re engaged doesn’t mean the fun of popping the question needs to stop! If you’re choosing to have friends or family stand by your side, make the moment you ask them to be part of your wedding a fun, memorable event.

It may come as no surprise that we love hearing the “How They Asked” story behind wedding party proposals. We asked Annie Tran about the inspiration behind her bridesmaid proposal and she shared this adorable story with us!

After my fiance proposed, I knew right away who I needed to have in my wedding party! My maid-of-honor was a no-brainer: my little sister would be the one by my side through it all.

Then, I knew I needed my three best girl friends to join the bride tribe. As a group, we’re all extremely different people, but that’s what makes our friendships so special! I decided upon a small bridal party because I value intimate moments and memories with the ones who I know will have my back not only through my wedding journey, but also in life!

The next step was to pop the question! These girls have been there for me through so much so I knew I had to ask them in a way that was meaningful and personal for each girl! I ordered personalized gift boxes with their names written on top in beautiful typography. Inside the box was written: “will you be my (maid of honor/bridesmaid)?” I included their favorite snack (mainly Hot Cheetos all-around!). Because I’m such a makeup junkie, I wanted to gift them with an eyeshadow palette that best represented their personality! Browns and pinks that were warm like my sister, fierce and smokey like my sassy best friend, purples and mauves just because they’re her favorite colors, and oranges and olives for my girl that loves the fall! Additionally, I gifted them with a skincare routine that best suited their skin type (dry, oily, combo). Every girl got different products and I topped off the box with a printed polaroid of my fave photo with them!

I’m so happy they loved their gift boxes, but most importantly, I’m happy I got my “I Do” crew!

All images courtesy of Annie Tran