Annie and Tommy

Tommy runs a horse ranch and is in the middle of converting it into an event venue. So, naturally, he couldn’t get away to come to Tennessee with me for Christmas. I was sad to be separated from him for such a long time (3 weeks), but I understood that it was vital for him to be at the ranch during all these huge changes.

Turns out, I was in for a huge surprise. I grew up about 5 minutes from my grandparents’ house, so they’re like my second parents. Tommy surprised me at their house (they have a huge front yard surrounded by woods) with rose petals on the ground, pictures of us hanging on a string, and a scrapbook of pictures, ticket stubs, and letters I had written him during our relationship. This included every single parking slip from coming to my house (I live in a gated community) – including the first time he ever came over in September 2014! The last page of the book was a plane ticket from September when he flew to Texas to ask my dad for his blessing. He flew all the way to Texas and back to SoCal in 24 hours without me even knowing it!!

I had been hanging out with my friends all day on Dec. 27th, and they drove me to my grandparents’ house where Tommy was waiting. I was absolutely shocked that he was there, and it was even better than I could have imagined. After the proposal I found out he had been in Tennessee for 2 days without me knowing, and had been planning the proposal since August (that’s almost FIVE months!!). I’m still a little bit in shock that Tommy and my family managed to keep it a secret for 5 months, and I feel so incredibly blessed and thankful to be engaged to a man that is so much more romantic than I am.

Image 1 of Annie and Tommy