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I am a pageant competitor, and decided to do one last pageant before I take a long hiatus. (I’ve been top 5 at the preliminaries to Miss USA 2x, Best in swimsuit and top 10 at Miss Earth USA). I went alone, and told my then boyfriend to stay home. After finals, I was preparing to leave, when he texted me “You were amazing!” I thought little of it, and tried to get an Uber to get back to the hotel. I couldn’t find one, so kept ignoring his MANY calls. Finally, a friend offered to drive me, and as I was in the car, he called again. “I’M HERE!” he said, panicking because he thought I was already back on a flight to San Francisco! We met back at the hotel, where I began to cry, due to exhaustion from the weekend, but also for him driving 6 hours to watch my final pageant. He told me he had reserved a nice dinner, which I wanted to skip and go home, but we went.

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We drove to Yamashiro, a restaurant in LA on a hill, overlooking all of downtown LA. As the sun was setting, we were walking around their beautiful koi pond and japanese garden. After walking for a while, we came across a beautiful, magestic tree. “That’s a pretty tree, what kind do you think it is?” my fiance asked. When I went to give him a crazy retort, as I was turning around for the tree, he was getting down on one knee.

He proceeded to say the most impactful things he has ever said to me, and we got engaged at 12AM EST–my parent’s 30th anniversary!

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