Annie and Mekel

How We Met

Mekel and I met in 2015 at a local dog park…Okay, not quite. If we are being honest, I swiped right! A few months prior my roommate and I were laughing about what may come of registering for and Tinder. It’s safe to say, I never thought I’d meet my future husband on Tinder! After having matched with Mekel, connecting on Instagram, I figured it was time to send him a quick message. I simply wrote, “Hello! I thought you should know your smile is a dream! Hope you have a great day!” Luckily, he was quick to respond and just two days later we went on our first date to Wahooz for miniature golf and bowling. We have now been together for over two years, during which we have survived two LONG fire seasons as Mekel is a Heli-Rappeller for the USFS. I have loved growing closer to Mekel’s family throughout our time together and Mekel is a wonderful additional to my family as well, so we cannot wait to see what our future together holds!

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how they asked

October 13th, 2017 – As far as I knew, Mekel was finishing up his last day of work for the season. I finished up with work early, so I left home to run a few errands. I called Mekel while I was out and he said that he had gotten upset at work and left early, when I asked what had upset him he wouldn’t elaborate, so I said we could discuss the issue when I got home.

I arrived home to find that he had taken off from work early to pick up the Goldendoodle Puppy that we had picked out from a breeder a few weeks earlier. I immediately dropped my bags and darted toward our new puppy, however, as soon as I got close enough I learned Mekel had one more surprise planned for the day. As I moved in to love on the puppy, I noticed her new collar with a tag stating “Will you marry my daddy?”

Tears welled up in my eyes as I looked at Mekel and exclaimed, “Is this for real?” He then got on one knee and presented a ring before asking, “Will you spend forever with me?”I said yes!

Our Goldendoodle’s name is Ember Rose. Most folks think the name Ember is derived from Mekel’s occupation, however, in reality we chose Ember because the logo on Tinder is a flame and without Tinder we wouldn’t have each other or our precious puppy to grow old with.

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