Annie and Kain

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How We Met

Kain and I met through mutual friends, although I was with someone else for the first few years of knowing each other we instantly became friends. Eventually we were both single and after years of hanging out as a group the stars finally aligned and we found ourselves spending more and more time together falling in love.

how they asked

We recently celebrated our anniversary, so Kain booked a beach cottage in Margaret River, we spent our days exploring beaches and wineries and our nights in front of the fire cuddled up drinking wine. On our last evening, Kain suggested we take a walk along the beach, I spotted a beautiful white tipi and asked to get closer so that I could take a photo of it, he replied with, lets enjoy it for ourselves, I was blown away to see it was filled with cushions, candles, champagne and strawberries. I never thought he would think of something so romantic. It felt so luxurious with a view of the water from our own private tipi to snuggle in.

Proposal Picnics


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Margaret River Proposal Picnics
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