Annie and Jun

How They Asked

Where do I begin. I can’t believe he pulled the biggest surprise of my life. The whole time I thought we were there to celebrate one of my best friends(Jennifer’s 30th) birthday. While walking upstairs, I noticed rose petals along the way. I even remembered telling him I felt like someone was getting proposed to. He didn’t say anything, but smiled. In my head I was thinking Jen, since it was her b-day. Once I got to the room, I saw a heart-shaped rose petals with a “J” balloon and then I saw an “A” balloon. Shocked and confused, I tried to walk out from the heart of roses, but he pulled me back in and made a speech. In that moment it finally clicked to me, that i was the one. Tears were running down from my eyes and I was gasping for air. I couldn’t hear a word he said until he got down on his knee and asked me would I marry him. Of course I said YESSSSSS! Special thanks to Jen for sharing her big 30th.

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