Annie and Joseph

Annie and Joseph's Engagement in Table Rock, NC

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On the morning of our one year dating anniversary, I woke up excited to hear from Joey and receive my first hint about what we were doing that day. About a week before, Joey told me he had special plans for us, but was keeping it a surprise. I immediately started guessing, my very first being ” are you taking me to Table Rock?!” Table Rock is my favorite hiking/camping spot in North Carolina, an incredibly special place to me (now more than ever). Joey refused to tell me if any of my guesses were correct. He finally called the morning of our anniversary and told me to “wear clothes you can hike in.” My first guess was right! I was so excited to spend the day hiking with the love of my life! On the drive there, I’m happily munching away on candy, joking to Joey about how I guessed his surprise on the very first try, how I was just “too good” to be surprised…blah blah blah.

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Joey just smiled and agreed with me. We arrived around 4:00 p.m, purposely getting a later start because Joey was adamant about catching the sunset. We got to the summit with almost 2 hours to spare before the sun started going down…not a problem by any means (I could enjoy the views from the top all day) except for one tiny thing. It was unusually chilly for early May and we were both freezing. I just about to tell Joey that I didn’t think I could make it until sunset when we saw it: a pale rainbow randomly placed in the clouds. I snapped a quick picture and we agreed that it was too cold to wait for sunset, both us satisfied with our little rainbow, especially Joey. The perfect ending to our day. Or so I thought.

I turn to start hiking down when Joey says, “Do you remember when I asked you to be my girlfriend? You asked me if I was sure, and I had never been more sure. Well, there’s one more thing that I’ve never been more sure of…”. At this point, he is down on one knee. And I BURST into tears. Everything after this point of realizing what was happening is a complete, euphoric blur. I didn’t hear him ask “will you marry me?” I don’t even remember actually saying yes…(I’m told that I did eventually squeak it out). All I remember is the overwhelming feeling of pure joy and shock. Wasn’t I just bragging about how Joey couldn’t surprise me because I was too good at guessing? And there I was, standing on top of Table Rock, shaking from a mix of the cold and excitement, having just received the biggest (and best) surprise I’ve ever received. I can’t even remember how long we stood there afterwards, giggling and hugging and kissing and crying. It’s almost too perfect for me to comprehend, even months later. The sight of a rainbow will now make me smile, for the rest of my life.