Annie and Jon

Annie and Jon's Engagement in Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain

How We Met

Jon and I met back when I had my first real summer internship in college! I was a policy intern and Jon was the hot shot Director of National Litigation and GC for the organization. I always thought Jon was just about the most perfect person on the planet but never in my wildest dreams thought we would end up being friends after the internship let alone actually being together. After my internship we parted paths and I quite frankly never really thought I would ever bump into him again.

About 6 months later we ended up running into each other at a debate on a ballot initiative regarding legalizing marijuana. My friend was helping with the grassroots campaign for the proposition and a group of lawyers that Jon was a part of was hosting the debate so we had both ended up at the event. After that it kind of seemed like we couldn’t stop running into each other. We loved to work out at the same HIIT gym, had the same favorite restaurants, etc.

More than a year after my last day at my internship Jon asked me if I wanted to go grab dinner. I was actually in such disbelief that I called my mom and said, “I think Jon Riches just asked me on a date” and she responded “What do you mean you think he just asked you out on a date?” and I responded, “Well I mean he asked me if I wanted to go to dinner but there is no way he actually wants to go out with me.”

We have been dating ever since :)

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain

How They Asked

Back when Jon and I first started dating we took one of our first ever trips/dates to Tucson. We were looking for some fun activities to do while we were down there and I found an astronomer at the Ritz-Carlton who did weekly group stargazing classes with groups of about 20 or so people. We decided to do that and the night ended up being so magical. We were standing under the stars and looking under the telescope where we could perfectly see Saturn, the moon, various constellations, and the Milky Way Galaxy. We ended the night sitting by a fire outside, laughing over the most delicious Greyhounds I had ever had, and getting to know each other. It was an incredible night and one that we often looked back on as being a really magical and important moment in our relationship.

Fast forward two years into our relationship and Jon suggested that we go back to the same place where we did the star gazing class and do an anniversary trip. Due to his work schedule we had to push our anniversary trip almost two months after our anniversary but I was just excited for us to get away and have some time with each other. We get to our hotel and Jon tells me that he has a surprise for me and to dress warm. We get dressed and he starts walking me around the hotel property and all of a sudden I see the same exact astronomer who had led our class over 2 years before!! He was standing on the lawn and he had his giant telescope set up, a bench with blankets, and a heat lamp waiting for us. He began moving the telescope and doing a private star gazing event for us. We had been looking at various planets and star constellations for about an hour when I lean into the telescope to look at this large cluster of stars. The astronomer described that this cluster looked like you poured a bag of diamonds on a piece of black velvet. And he was right, it was absolutely beautiful. I turned around to tell Jon to look at how beautiful it was and as I turn around I saw that I he was on one knee proposing.

It was the most magical moment of my life.

Special Thanks

Ben Locker
 | Arizona Star Tours-Astronomer who does star gazing tours. He took photos for us as well