Annie and Jian

How We Met

We met for the first time on a blind date and went to sushi (a favorite of both of us).  By the second date, Jian asked me to go to San Francisco on a work trip with him as our third date.  It was the riskiest and scariest thing this rule follower has ever done.  We fell in love with each other on that trip, but wouldn’t admit our love for one another until 6 months later.

how they asked

We were going to the Ritz for his birthday dinner that I thought I had planned-little did I realize, he made me think I planned that.  We were in the middle of buying a house, so when discussing his birthday he said “don’t buy me anything, we are buying the house and it’s not necessary…instead, how about we go to dinner?”  I asked where he wanted to go and he said the Ritz (having had this planned all along).  When we got there, we dropped our wine off at the restaurant so they could decant it, and headed towards the bar for a pre-dinner drink.  We walked along the water on the hotel property and stopped at this spot.  He asked me if I was excited for Spain and said he couldn’t wait to go (we had planned a trip for the next week to go), and I responded with “yes!  So excited!”  Then he asked me if I was ready for Spain…I was confused and said “yes- I’m all packed, you know that” (I’m a planner by nature).  Then he said “I really don’t think you’re ready,” confused again, I said “I’m not?” and he said “no, you’re missing something.”  At that point, butterflies were in my stomach.  He got down on his knee and proposed to me right then and there.  I was so shocked, all I could say was “oh my gosh” repeatedly.  He finally asked again and said “well???” to which I said “of course!”  It was the best.  After two and a half years of dating, traveling all over the globe together, sharing many laughs and many good conversations, I can’t wait to now marry my best friend.


Special Thanks