Annie and Jeremiah

Image 1 of Annie and Jeremiah

How We Met

We met shortly after Christmas in 2014 through our mutual (and amazing) friend, Andrew Vo. Becoming friends instantly, we quickly connected over similar family values, an immense love for food, and our shared odd sense of humor. I was preparing for a relocation to New York that coming February and moved six (very short) weeks later.

THE DOOMFUL DISTANCE: Soon after I moved, Jeremiah flew to New York to visit. We spent the weekend eating and laughing our way through the city, realizing we wanted to evolve our friendship into something more, regardless the distance.

Living on opposite corners of the country, we flew back and forth to visit each other every 6-8 weeks over the next nine months.

*Disclosure: Long distance is B R U T A L and not recommended.

THE BIG MOVE: In January 2016 (one year after I moved) Jeremiah was offered an incredible job opportunity and packed up to move to New York!

Living on top of each other in our New York City junior one bedroom apartment, we learned all about each other’s quarks and habits- very, very quickly. Our pupper Sophie too! Spending all day and every day together, we fell more in love as each day passed. Creating unforgettable memories and sharing countless laughs, we knew this was going to be something BIG!

In early summer we packed up the teeny tiny love palace and moved into our first official shared apartment. Luckily, Jeremiah was a trooper during the entire moving process. Smiling on the sidelines, Jeremiah patiently watched me make my 3-D scale decor plans for the apartment, order more throw pillows than The Bellagio owns, and receive a new Amazon delivery daily in attempt to make our first home together perfect. Which it was.
(Cough: I’m still waiting for a proper Thank You, Jeremiah).

how they asked

In September, Jeremiah began devising a plan to ask me to marry him. He reached out to each of our family members individually for their blessing and began getting to work.

On thanksgiving Jeremiah told me that his client who works for NBC comped us tickets for Saturday Night Live the first week of December. It also was the anniversary of the loss of Jeremiah’s Grandma, who he wanted to spend the day reflecting on during a walk in Central Park together before the show. As we walked our normal path through the park Jeremiah started sharing with me about his happiness living in New York and that he believes his Grandma and God put me and my puppet Sophie in his life for a reason.

Image 2 of Annie and Jeremiah

At that moment he dropped to one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him, to which I nervously said, “This is a joke” and he harshly but politely replied, “it’s not a joke, give me your hand!” An out-pour of cheering took over and Jeremiah turned me around pointing to the balcony of the bridge we had just walked under, revealing all of our family and friends who flew out to New York from CA for the surprise proposal. Jaw on the floor, I started crying happy tears and ran to the stairs to greet our family and friends.

The celebration continued with a stunning engagement dinner at Tavern on the Green and finished with bottle service at the rooftop bar where we had our first official date in New York back in February 2015.

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