Annie and Jason

how we met

We met at Michigan State University. Jason walked into the wrong class, and that was the first time I saw him. I saw him again later that week and told a friend I was with about him. She immediately went up to him and started talking and then introduced me. He got my phone number and asked me on a date for that weekend!

how they asked

We had been planning a trip to Greece & Italy for over a year. Leading up to it, a lot of people were telling me it could happen, but I got no clues from Jason. In the last week before we left I was interrogating my parents, trying to get any hints because I knew Jason would have asked my dad for permission. But the only thing my mom told me was that I should not get my hopes up and let that ruin the trip. Right then I assumed that she was trying to mentally prepare me to not expect anything, so I decided to just forget it. I knew it would happen eventually and I didn’t mind waiting. Lo and behold the very first night in Santorini, Greece, Jason made a reservation at a really fancy restaurant overlooking the caldera & proposed right there.