Annie and Cory

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How We Met

Love at first twirl.

Cory and I meet one weekend in college at The University of Arizona. We are on an old yellow school bus heading back to campus from a fraternity event. Cory sits in the seat in front of me and we begin aimlessly chatting. I learn that he is from San Diego, and he learns that I am a small town Arizonan. I have plans to go immediately home, but he asks me to join him at an after party featuring a live music artist. After I agree, Cory boldly takes my hand, and off we go. During the performance, I remember dancing to a cover song of Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody.” With my hand still in his, he twirls me around throughout the night. When it was time to go home, my college roommate and childhood friend, Taryn, meets up with me, and I tell her about this new boy. Specifically, I tell her about how giddy Cory makes me feel. Taryn will later describe how we first met as “love at first twirl.”

A leap of faith.

After one year of long distance and two years of living in San Diego together, I decide to pursue a law degree in San Francisco. As a small town girl, moving to San Diego after college is a monumental change on its own; the thought of San Francisco terrifies me. To compound this fear, our careers are just beginning, so I am adamant that Cory not follow me up to San Francisco. As much as I love him, I could never ask him to make a change that would compromise his early career. I only want him to move if, professionally, it makes logical sense.

However, what is supposed to be a methodical and rational decision turns into the exact opposite. We both decide to quit our jobs early to travel for a full month across Thailand — A country we primarily choose due to our obsession with Thai food. In hindsight, quitting your job to travel Southeast Asia isn’t the most pragmatic decision. However, Cory is the one and only person who can ever convince me to take that kind of leap of faith. To my own assurances, he is completely right. Three days before our flight to Thailand, he accepts a great job offer in San Francisco! Even more serendipitous, he is given the option to start around my first day of law school. With sound minds for the future, we start our adventure of a lifetime. The memories we make traveling are absolutely priceless, and the trip is exactly what we need before starting a new chapter in The Bay Area.


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I promise to love you everyday.

Two years into law school, Cory wakes me up on a very early Sunday morning. I have plans to study all day, but he is completely adamant about catching the sunrise. After we get dressed, we walk from our apartment towards the waterfront near San Francisco’s Embarcadero. During this quiet morning hour, we walk down to Pier 7, a pier that is completely lit up by street lamps. When we get to the end of the pier, Cory and I take a moment to admire the city skyline that, for the last two years, we both call home. Just then, Cory tells me that he needs to speak with me. He conveys how I am his everything, how much he loves me, and how I inspire him every day to be the best version of himself. Cory says that he cherishes every moment we spend together, whether it be traveling the world or snuggling on the couch in our little Nob Hill apartment. Finally, Cory admits that he has taken me to this specific pier because it overlooks downtown San Francisco, and that he cannot think of a better moment to begin a new life with me than at the beginning of a new day, in a spot overlooking the very city that we, as a couple, have taken a chance on. With both of us in tears, Cory promises to love me every day. He gets down on one knee and takes out a small wood box that he made himself. The box holds the engagement ring of my dreams, and on the front, Cory inscribed the very same promise he made to me before proposing — “I promise to love you every day.”

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After our proposal, I’m elated to find that Cory’s good friend, David, captured our special moment on camera and video. We spend the morning celebrating with friends at brunch, following a sunny day picnicking at the park. That night, we have dinner reservations at a restaurant near the pier where Cory popped the question. Even more perfect, that following weekend, we continued celebrating in Napa Valley – our first trip as one another’s fiancé. In the city that we hold so close to our hearts, I could not have asked for a more thoughtful and meaningful proposal.


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