Annie and Carter

Annie's Proposal in The pedestrian bridge in Nashville Tennessee

How We Met

Carter and I grew up together in Franklin, Tennessee. Both being one of four children our families had many run-ins at school and sporting events. Carter and my older brother quickly became best friends at age 5 while they played on the same soccer team. Little did Carter know he would end up spending the rest of his life with his best friend little sister, the one who came running around at all their games. Life happened and we both went our separate ways through middle school, high school, and college. Fast forward 20 years, Carter got a glimpse of that not so little annoying 3-year-old girl on social media and went for it. We spent the next month reconnecting while trying to plan our first date but kept missing each other due to vacations, work, and life. We finally found a date in July and met at Jackalope, a local Nashville brewery and ended the evening upon the Nashville pedestrian bridge. While we were walking the bridge we stumbled upon two dimes. We decided to pick them up, make really good wishes and toss them in the water. A year and a half, a million more breweries, and lots of great memories later Carter brought us back to that same first date spot November 30, 2019.

Annie and Carter's Engagement in The pedestrian bridge in Nashville Tennessee

How They Asked

I was told to get off work early on Saturday, November 30, 2019, to make sure I was able to go to Carter’s mom’s big birthday surprise party on the big Nashville strip, Broadway. I got off work and went to meet Carter and his three siblings. It was pouring rain so of course, I was hoping we would just get dropped off out front of the restaurant. One of Carter’s sisters suggested we park on the stadium side of broadway to get “free parking” but really to get us to cross the bridge. Free parking was hard to pass up in my mind even if it meant walking in the rain. We got out and headed for the bridge. As we are walking we come upon the spot from our first date and Carter pulls out our disposable camera and suggests we take a selfie (I wasn’t suspicious because thats one of our all-time favorite things to do.) After we take the picture the rain suddenly turns to a mist and Carter points to two dimes on the ground.

He picks them up and we relive the night of our first date. Carter hands me one and says “On our first date we wished on two dimes, my wish was to spend the rest of my life with you and today I wish to make my first wish come true.” Of course, I am starting to cry because HOW CUTE! and I wish again “to marry Carter.” We toss the coins over the bridge and Carter gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him. I am crying and saying YES over and over again! He puts the ring on my finger and starts telling me how he used some of my grandmother’s diamonds to create my ring custom to me! We then see his siblings pulling out the champagne and starting to congratulate us. Carter had hired a photographer who was behind the scenes shooting the whole thing! We took a few more pictures with her and a few with his siblings and went ahead to the restaurant. As we walk in all of our closest friends from near and far were waiting there for us! It was truly a dream come true and we cant wait to plan this wedding!

Special Thanks

Amelia Moore
 | Photographer