Annie and Brian

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How We Met

My fiancé Brian and I met when I was 18 and he was 20 in early 2013. We were introduced to each other by my little sister and the funny part is my little sister was dating Brian’s cousin at the time! He liked me and I wasn’t too interested in dating anyone at the time because I was starting college and I had never been in a relationship before. But we started to talk on Facebook often and he begged to take me on a date for months. I finally agreed, we went out bowling and that’s where we shared our first kiss. We then went out on a couple more dates and he finally asked me to be his girlfriend when we were at the movies one night. We’ve been together ever since!

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how they asked

My fiancé and I met 5 years ago through family friends. I was 18 and he was my first boyfriend, I never thought he would also soon be my husband! Our proposal on June 24, 2016, started out with my fiancé asking me to go to one of his car meets ( he’s very into Volkswagen) and I wasn’t too interested in going but I said I would go. He also said he wanted to get some cute couple pictures taken by his photographer friend that same day (probably to make sure I wore an outfit I liked). The car meet was called Dubs Around the Lake which takes place in the Lake Tahoe, CA area and the first stop was at Donner Lake. We drove to Donner Lake at the summit and it was the usual looking at other people’s cars and such. About an hour into the event, they were holding a raffle and were announcing the winners.

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They announced my fiancé and I as winners, I did not remember entering the raffle but I thought maybe he entered us, so we went up to claim the prize in front of a hundred or so people. They handed the prize bag to my fiancé, who reached into the side pocket of the bag and pulled out a ring box! He kneeled and proposed to me in front of all these people and I was shocked but so excited! The ring was beautiful and the proposal was totally unexpected! The raffle was a set up to get me in front of everyone so he could propose to me and the “raffle” prizes were a bunch of Volkswagen themed wedding gifts! The rest of the day was consisted of cruising around beautiful Lake Tahoe and enjoying a BBQ at the lake with a bunch of friends. Best day ever! He said the day consisted of his two favorite things, Volkswagen cars and me! Recently, our engagement was also featured in the February issue of Hot VW magazine which was so cool! We are getting married in September 2018 and I couldn’t be more excited to spend the rest of my life with him.

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