Annie and Brent

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How We Met

It was a Saturday, August 29th 2015 and my friend, Sidney was celebrating his birthday! Sidney and his family are our close friends, and they are all chiropractors. Sidney was in school at Parker in Dallas and he was bringing a few of his friends. I was in a bit of an odd mood that Saturday night because my friends weren’t there and the Cowboys had lost! I was enjoying some champagne when Sidney introduced me to this tall, handsome man from Nebraska that was in Chiropractic school with him. In came Brent! Our first conversation was about how much I loved the Cowboys and liked Tiger Woods. Oddly enough he hates the Cowboys and Tiger Woods. We hit it off and talked all night.

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Until he ghosted because he had a class to be in the next morning! I might have been a bit of a crazy girl and almost ran him off, but luckily he gave me another chance. About 2 weeks later after he was home from Nebraska and I was coming home from Croatia, he Facetimed me for some reason and asked me on a date. The next day, with jet-lag and all, we went on our first date to Joe T Garcias! And we have been together ever since. And friends laugh, but we only ever Facetime no matter what! It is something I truly love about our relationship. After he graduated in May of 2016, we packed up and moved to Louisville for him to run a practice! It was love from the very beginning and I am forever thankful for Sidney for introducing him to my forever life partner.

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how they asked

After we looked at rings, I knew the rest was up to Brent. He had always told me he knew how he was going to ask! Brent knows me so well and I completely trusted that he would make it the best moment of my life. We had a family cruise planned for about a year and were heading back to Texas on August 25th. In my head, I knew this would be the perfect time since we wouldn’t be back in Texas for quite some time. Although I knew Brent had it under control, I had called my best friends that week and told them I was nervous it wasn’t going to happen because nothing had slipped up. I love surprises but I am the absolute worst because I always some how spoil them! My friends were no help and completely had me believing nothing was happening because they were not in town or going out of town!

This was vital because my best friend also happens to be this amazing photographer, Amanda Lackey! Saturday came along and Brent was helping move one of our friends and I had a brunch planned with my Dallas girls, getting my nails done and going to have some wine at one of my other best friends’ house! Oddly enough the nail lady asked me and my mom if I was married yet! My mom’s response was, “Not yet! But she has a good one!” I will tell you this, my mom was the best liar of them all. She had me convinced from a girl’s trip that we had taken in July that he hadn’t even asked her which was a major thing! He always knew it was important to me for him to ask my mom and my brother and a few others! As the day went on, I went to my friend Lorene’s house to have some wine!

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As I was venting to her about this proposal not happening, I asked her to join Brent, myself, my mom and brother and a few others to join us for dinner at our favorite spot when we are in town, Joe T Garcias. Dinner was at 6:30 and I didn’t leave Lorene’s til way too late. And because I was in no rush and knew no better, I stopped and got my mom and I coffee and Dr. Pepper. Completely normal! When I finally got home, my mom was kindly not rushing me because in my mind the 1) the Joe T’s line was going to be long and the boys could wait in it, 2) we were already having dinner way too early and 3) let’s be real, I am ALWAYS late!!!

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One our drive there, I was still convinced nothing was happening because of Brent’s text to me! In my mind I thought maybe he could do it later on the trip or maybe this just wasn’t the time. Boy was I wrong. I walked into our first date spot and there my future husband is. I stopped walking and turned to my mom already and tears! She told me to call for Brent and the words couldn’t even come out. And with him was not only my family but my best of best of friends and his friends too. It was perfect! He is perfect. My dreams had come true and everything he said was so us.

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I will remember this perfect and amazing moment till the end of time. And the best part was it wasn’t even over. My brother was so excited he even helped Brent plan an after party to celebrate with even more people that love us! To say I was overwhelmed with love and happiness is an understatement.

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This man did perfect and I get to call him my FIANCE. The crazy part is that Brent was initially planning to ask me to marry him on Thanksgiving, he had even told everyone that. 2 weeks before the big day he changed his mind because he couldn’t wait any longer. I just swoon for this man and his heart of gold for all that he did to make this day everything I had dreamed of and more.

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Special Thanks

Amanda Marie Lackey
 | Photographer
Sam Cummins
 | Planning
Tracee Cummins
 | Planning