Annie and Barrett

How We Met

Barrett slid into my DMs two & a half years ago and he’s kept me laughing ever since. We met while I was attending graduate school in Boston and he was living in central Maine, where he owns and operates an organic dairy farm! About seven months into our relationship, I was diagnosed with cancer. The same type of cancer that I lost my father to. It’s so strange to type this story, because it all still feels so surreal. To say that Barrett stepped up to the plate feels like the biggest understatement in the history of ever.

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He took me to every single doctor’s appointment, he held my hand through M-F treatment for two months, he moved me into his apartment, he cooked me all of my meals… I could go on for hours. He cared for me emotionally, mentally and physically. He fought my fight with me & we beat my cancer together. I’ve been cancer free & recovering for over a year now. We’ve spent time traveling together and doing all sorts of bucket list-y things, but the majority of our time is spent doing normal, everyday things together, like milking cows, cooking dinner and drinking cheap wine. I think after such an intense, scary year, we’re relishing in our healthy, alive, new normal.

How They Asked

My dad’s memorial stone still resides on the property that I grew up on and it’s where I feel closest to him. While I was sick, it became a weekly tradition for Barrett & I to pack a picnic dinner and drive to my hometown to “visit” my dad. We’d bring our dog, Millie, and she would bring her tennis ball. Some nights we’d bring our hammock and a bottle of wine and we would stay until the sunset & we could see the stars. It was never out of the question for Barrett to fall while we were laying there. Needless to say, those visits became the best part of the hardest year of my life. I always left with a full heart. On Christmas Day this year, Barrett suggested we go visit my dad’s memorial because we hadn’t been for a while.

We spent the afternoon there, playing with Millie and enjoying the winter sunshine. As we were getting ready to leave, Barrett suggested we take a few pictures there to send to my mother. It was as I was taking a picture of our dog that Barrett got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I’m rarely left speechless, but for a moment, I forgot how to speak. I’m still not sure that I actually choked out the word “Yes” before I burst into tears but he put the ring on my finger so it’s official! It was the most incredibly special & intimate moment of my life. And I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that my dad was there with us. ♥️

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