Annete and Alan

How We Met

I met Alan about four years ago in college. We were both part of our school’s multicultural Greek organizations, he is a brother of Omega Delta Phi and I am a sister of Sigma Lambda Gamma (#Gammacall)! Like most greeks, Alan and I would see each other regularly at events, parties, etc.

I still remember the night that Alan suddenly became extremely attractive to me. He was doing a favor for a friend of mine. And I remember thinking “Wow, I hope one day I end up with someone like him”. The timing wasn’t right so I didn’t think much of it then.

A few months later our paths crossed again. We bumped into each other on the elevator! I don’t remember what we talked about but after that, we were inseparable. From lunch dates to late-night study sessions, Alan and I fell in love.

During an early morning class, Alan texted me to ask me if I had an umbrella that day. It has started raining randomly so I did not plan to bring one that day. As I was walking out of the building, I see Alan waiting for me with an umbrella. Still half asleep he walked me to my car and then returned to his dorm to get ready for class. After that I just knew, he was the one for me.

Fast forward to today, Alan continues to do the sweetest gestures for me. Something he has taught me these past four years is that loving someone means to choose them. Choose to love them early in the morning and late at night. Choose to love them during the small fights and the big ones. And Alan chooses me, every single day and I am forever grateful for that.

How They Asked

So Alan and I decided to take a trip to Spain. We visited Ronda, Valencia, Madrid, and finally Barcelona. Since I love to plan everything out I did most of the trips itinerary. Alan told me he wanted to help out by planning out the days we were going to spend in Barcelona. Though surprised I was more than happy to give him some of the load. While on our trip he tells me that we will be watching the sunrise for one of our days in Barcelona, again I was surprised of his romantic idea but didn’t think much of it since I had been waking him up early every day to watch the sunrise in all parts of Spain.

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When we arrived at the site, super early in the morning, Alan started shaking! (This was the first hint, but I didn’t want to get excited so I figured he just needed coffee). I remember we were standing in front of two women who were taking pictures and I told him “I think we might be blocking their view” and he tells me “oh I’m sure they’ll ask us to move if they really want us to”. While Alan was fumbling with his phone a few times I hear a gentleman ask the photographers to move due to him needing to clean where they were and next I knew I see Alan strike a knee pose!

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My heart dropped, I ugly (I mean hideous) cried, out of pure joy. Once I was able to calm down a little Alan says to me “I had a whole speech ready for you, but I cannot remember a single word, but will you do me the honor of marrying me?”. I remember nodding my head but Alan swears I never answered. I had to ask him about 10 times if this was real or if I was dreaming. Seconds later I realized the photographers were actually there for us! Natalia did a wonderful job of capturing our raw feelings, after taking the first few pictures she brought out a little bottle of champaign to celebrate! It was the sweetest gesture.

Annete and Alan's Engagement in Barcelona, Spain

Alan and I tell each other everything so I was so impressed with how well he kept this a secret from me. He had been in talks with our photographer for over a month and had planned out every detail. It was so perfect! He even hired a videographer, Julie, who did an amazing job! However, we are keeping the video to ourselves until the night of the wedding. I am still over the moon for how wonderful everything came out and so excited to be the wife to this amazing fiance of mine!

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Special Thanks

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Julia Malinowska
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