Annemarie and Sean

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How We Met

I met Sean as a freshman in college at Seattle Pacific University. At first I didn’t think I wanted to get to know him, but with dedication and persistence he pursued a friendship that was unlike anything I had experienced before. We lived one floor apart in the same dorm and spent countless hours laughing and chatting about life. We developed a really strong friendship lasting a year prior to dating. We dated all throughout college and just graduated alongside one another in June.

We’ve been living about an hour away from one another due to our jobs since graduation, but we spend every weekend together and I had been anticipating a proposal during the summer. We have been looking at wedding venues for the past couple of months, anticipating getting married next summer, and I have been impatiently waiting to say yes to a forever with the love of my life.

how they asked

Sean proposed to me on a Monday evening following an excruciating hard day at work. I’m a first year special education teacher, so most of my days consist of trying to make sure 25 kiddos are happy and succeeding in their classrooms. I ran around school all day trying to keep the peace and going out of my mind because that wasn’t happening. As soon as I got home, my mom frantically told me that we had to go to one of the venues we had looked at, which was the last thing I wanted to do. She gave me no time to think about what was going on, but before I knew it she was driving like a Nascar star explaining to me that she put a down payment on the venue without telling me or Sean because she was nervous about our date being taken and that I had to sign the contract immediately to guarantee our date.

I tried to find the rationalization of all of this and called Sean on my way there asking if this was okay with him since his parents had not yet seen the venue. Like the amazing man he is, he calmed my nerves and told me everything would be alright and that we would work out all the details as time went on. Upon arriving at the venue, I tried to catch my breath and work up the energy to head in and get the whole chore over with. My parents sent me upstairs to sign the paperwork as they meandered around the venue. I walked up the stairs, quite annoyed, and tried to head into the venue’s office. I was pointed into the opposite direction by a woman who worked there and I saw a hallway of rose petals that created a heart where my handsome man was standing.

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I was more surprised than ever because we had just finished spending the weekend together and I didn’t expect to see him until the following Friday.

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Overwhelmed, confused, and elated, I walked over to him and heard the most beautiful speech stating all of the things every girl wants to hear her future husband say.

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As he was stating those four magic words, I exclaimed “YES” almost before he could even finish.

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He asked “Are you sure?” and I of course reaffirmed my yes as he showed me the most beautiful ring.

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This was one of those nights that I wanted to last forever, even though I had to go to work early the next morning.

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It was by far the best day ever and each day since has been nothing but bliss.

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Special Thanks

Kerry Jeanne
 | Photographer