Anneka and Stephen

How We Met: We had been in the same circle of friends for years. It wasn’t until myself and my ex had split up that Stephen came to my rescue, he was there for me as a friend and helped me take my mind off things, and then…. we fell in love.

Image 3 of Anneka and Stephen

how they asked: It was my 30th birthday, we had been together 3 years and he decided to take me away for a suprise weekend. He helped me pack and made sure I had “comfortable footwear” which completely threw me.

We set off for our 4 hour jorney and he decided that on the way he would tell me he was taking me to Wales, and that we were climbing mount Snowdon on my birthday!! I was shocked and a little scared. Eventually I began to think what a cool and memorable thing to do on your 30th, the next day we set off and an hour in I didn’t realise how hard this climb was going to be and did ask ‘are you trying to kill me?” He kept saying it would be worth it when we got to the summit. I assumed for the amazing views.

Image 1 of Anneka and Stephen

2hrs 10min later we got to the summit, tired and a little emotional Stephen asked someone if they would take our photo.. and then he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. I cried a lot and obviously said yes!! I cant wait to marry my best friend. Image 2 of Anneka and Stephen