Anne Marie and Tyler

Anne Marie's Proposal in Auburn, AL

How We Met

Tyler and I had been friends for about 3 years now. However, four years ago is when he first saw me at a meeting for a college ministry. There the Lord told that 19 year old boy he would marry the girl across the room. Shocked, he left that in the back of his mind. A year later, we finally met, but I didn’t hardly give him the time of day because I wasn’t interested. However, as time passed I was constantly in awe of Tyler’s integrity – he was the only man other than my brothers and dad that I felt I could trust unconditionally – no strings attached to the friendship. I don’t know if it was a little fear of losing such a wonderful friendship or sheer stubbornness that I refused to go on a date with Tyler a year into our friendship, but I said no to his first inquire. His persistence and prayer over that time was so powerful, because he took that rejection to the Lord and asked if he should let me go. Tyler felt like it was a no, and so quietly and respectfully he pursued me, being my friend and continuing to blow me away with his genuine respect as I kept believing I was right that he was not the one for me. Yet, Tyler kept praying, “Lord, change my heart or change hers” and something sweet started to happen within me. I began to see him as a totally different person, he was now a man I’d always hoped for and prayed for, not just the most wonderful friend. After months of saying no and a literal heart change, I knew a man like that (especially who still liked me after 3 no’s!) has to be the one from the Lord. So, we began dating!

How They Asked

So, 3 months in to dating, on November 7, 2018, Tyler took me to our spot at a red barn in Auburn, AL walked with me and began telling me 7 things he was excited for coming up. “1. I’m so excited to go to Thanksgiving with you and my family, 2. I’m so excited to one day have a place together… 6. I’m so excited to get married” then, he gets on one knee, “and 7, I’m so excited for this moment.” I don’t remember all he said because I was definitely starting to feel my heart beat faster by around #5 and so shocked, but I do remember understanding he looked so much like Jesus to me. He ended with “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life laying down my life for you. Will you marry me Anne?” Yes!

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Special Thanks

Nathaly Norman
 | Photographer