Anne-Marie and Taylor

Image 1 of Anne-Marie and Taylor

How We Met

I met Taylor when we were freshman in college at Ohio University in Athens,Ohio. He was a tall,dark, and handsome baseball player. I lived in the Convo next to the field and we became friends quickly. After months went by Taylor called one night confessing that he liked me. He had always reminded me of my dad- shy, funny, and in love with sports. I wasn’t sure what to think but I knew I had feelings for him too. Before we went home for the summer, Taylor asked me to be his girlfriend at his dorm room in Wilson Hall. Fast forward 6 years later and we now live together happily in Phoenix, Arizona. He works for the Arizona Diamondbacks and I’m a teacher at a private Autism Academy.

how they asked

We had planned a trip back to our small college town in Athens,Ohio. Taylor would be playing in the alumni weekend and we wanted to spend the weekend with friends and family. The day started off like any other – we were both a little tired from the night before with friends and old teammates. I dropped him off at the field just like old times and hurried to get ready for the game. The game went by quickly and our families were distracting me with plans about the day. I walked down to Taylor after and we both wanted a picture on the field. We took a few pictures and I started to walk off the field when he grabbed my hand and said “wait wait wait…I have one last question” .

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With his old teammates in the background and our families watching from afar he asked me to be his wife. After saying yes and him slipping the ring on his brother and friend showered us in champagne as Taylor picked me up and cheered! We laughed with friends and toasted to a long and happy life together!

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