Anne-Laure and Cédric

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How We Met

Cedric and I are from Paris but met on the beautiful archipelago of Guadeloupe (French West Indies) where we are actually both originally from. During the summer of 2014, Cedric was there on holidays and I went there just a week for my cousin’s wedding. Funny thing, we met at this event that we were not supposed to attend : at first, I couldn’t make it because it was bad timing to get a week off at work (France is 7000 kms away from Guadeloupe) and Cédric did not know my family at all.

He ended up at the wedding because his cousins, who had been booked to play live music during the reception, insisted for him to accompany them. He did not want to go because he did not know the newly weds but finally accepted instead of staying home alone. I had been able to get some days off and arrived on the island 3 days prior to THE day. He told me he saw me right away when I entered the reception place, I did not see him until the party started and everybody got up to dance. A couple songs later, he asked me to dance and I surprisingly said yes (I usually say no… Ahah!). His cousins played a slow song at this moment… How convenient it is to have your cousins as the wedding band… We talked, we danced some more and he asked for my Facebook before we left. The day before I went back to France, he invited me to another wedding reception where his cousins where also playing. We danced and talked all night long. During that night, he realized that he had a video of me singing in his cellphone for the past 3 months. I had sung at a past Christian event where he had not been able to go and he had found this random amateur video on YouTube. He kept it but didn’t recognized me because of the low quality. We always laugh at how he fell in love with my voice before actually meeting me!

We kept in touch when he came back to Paris. We noticed then that we had friends in common but never met before! The more we talked the more we realized that we had the same principles and values about life and marriage: we were both Christians and God had a very important place in our lives; we held marriage as a strong commitment for life with divorce not being an option (we are both children of divorce); we saved ourselves for marriage…

how they asked

We started dating in 2015. and he proposed in 2016. The fun thing is that everybody thinks he proposed at the Eiffel tour because of our engagement photoshoot. But he actually asked in the intimacy of my home. After work, he came to see me. I thought something was “wrong ” because I could feel that he was nervous. He didn’t even take his coat off. He got on one knee and asked me to be his “fiancée”. I looked at him and replied half-crying half-laughing: “Yes, but only your fiancé?”. He answered : “Sorry! Would you like to be my wife?” And of course I said yes.

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We did later our photoshoot going to the places we used to wander when we were “getting to know each other”: Eiffel Tour, Notre-Dame Cathedral and we kept the Sacré-Coeur for our civil wedding shoot ;)

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