Anne and Edward

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How We Met

We actually met in high school. He was my teachers’ assistant for my 4th period history class! (and he still didn’t bump up my grade! lol) We never dated in high school, though, I always had a crush on him. He was on the varsity basketball team, and i would get butterflies every time he walked by me. We were always friends, and even after high school, we would talk here and there but never sparked anything up, until about 7 years later! We found out he worked just down the street from my home, and he asked me to go eat sushi. Though nothing initially happened right away, I still had a crush on him like I did in high school. I was so nervous when we went to go eat sushi that I spilled my miso soup (and he will never let me forget it, and even talks about it until this day).

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We only dated occasionally at first as I was in school and he was working. About a year after our first date, I started nursing school and told him I can’t be just “dating casually,” as I was just starting my program and he was either in my life to stay or not. Well, I am very happy to say, he fought very hard to stay in my life, and during my first winter break of nursing school, he took me Disneyland and started telling people I was his girlfriend :) (though we actually have no anniversary!)

how they asked

I took him to Hawaii for his first time about 2 years ago with my family. He absolutely loved it. This year, he turned 30. Last year I asked him what he wanted to do for his 30th birthday and he said he wanted to go back to Hawaii with our friends. I organized everything from the flights, to our rental home, and activities! (Yes I admit I was thinking it would be nice if we got engaged, but I didn’t want to make it about me as this trip was for his big 3-0). We arrived in Hawaii on a thursday with all of our closest friends. That following sunday, we went to Lanikai Beach. Everyone was hanging out, having a great time, and it was getting closer to sunset. I pulled Ed into the water and I said “babe can you hang out with me more? I know were with our friends but I feel like I’m not even spending time with you” (I was being a little brat). He said “can you just chill, were not here often. Come on, lets go back soon so we can all get dinner.” I said ok, but I had to clean the sand out of my bathing suit.

It took a while as I was in the water trying to get the sand out, when I realized I was the only one in our group left in the water! I tried to hurry as I was thinking “omg, everyone must be so hungry.” So I finished up and went to where everyone was on land. My friend had bought a cupcake for him and we all sang happy birthday, I was even recording him! Then he said “babe come take a picture with me,” so I did, while everyone responded “speech!!” that’s when he said “thank you everyone for coming out for my birthday! especially taking time off from work and family, but the real reason why we’re here is because I want to propose to Anne,” Yes, I was so shocked and surprised!

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That’s when he got the ring, and got down on one knee, and said I made him the luckiest man, and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Tears. Falling. and everyone yelling. It was perfect, and it was just about sunset. I said YES!!!

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