Anne and Tyler

Anne's Proposal in Lawrence, Kansas

How We Met

Tyler and I begin our story where most millennials’ love stories begin. We met online. We were both on the dating app Plenty of Fish. I had tried online dating before but it never seemed right for me so I eventually called it quits. Until one night I was with a friend of mine and she set me up a profile on the app. It was the same app that she had met her soon to be husband on. I didn’t really put a ton of thought into it just cause I was conscientiously working on loving myself before I could love someone else.

On February 15th 2014 the day after Valentines day I had logged back in after being off of it for quite some time. To my surprise I only had one message. Needless to say that message was from Tyler. Immediately I knew the force was strong with this one due to him posing with storm troopers in his profile picture. His First message to me was nothing too romantic like in the movies. Just a plain and simple “Hey. Whats up?”. Normally I would filter myself due to the fact that most people really don’t want to know exactly what you are doing. However that day I decided to be bold and told him exactly that I was snuggling my cat. He accepted my ‘crazy cat lady’ and the rest goes on from there.

Anne and Tyler's Engagement in Lawrence, Kansas

how they asked

February 26th 2016 was just like any other day for me. I complained about going to work that morning and Tyler had to drag me out of bed, literally. I went to work and once I was off I rode my bus back home. I remember looking at this one woman on the bus and seeing her engagement ring. I couldn’t help but to smile and think about how one day that would be me. That I would be engaged to Tyler.

After I got home Tyler suddenly texted me telling me that he was getting off early and how he wanted to take a walk with me. I agreed because it was nice outside and I wanted to get out. He picked me up and told me to get in the car. I was so confused as to why a car was needed for a walk. But then he told me that he was wanting to walk around campus. So I got in the car and we headed that way. Once up there we started walking towards my favorite place on campus (The love wall). When we made it there Tyler saw that it was broken and said he wanted to go over to look at it and see if he could fix it. As I stood there looking inside of it Tyler got down on one knee. My first immediate thought was “What are you doing?! Get up before someone sees us and thinks this is real!” He would always fake propose to me any chance he had. I had this scenario all planned out in my head about how someone would see us, take a picture and tweet about how cute the proposal was and then it would go viral. And how we would have to come forward and say it was fake. Sure enough after me saying “what?!” several times and him making his serious face while grabbing my hand I realized that it was real and I finally said “YES!”.

Special Thanks

Kelsey Hamel | 
Captured the Proposal
Brent Dierenfeldt
Engagement Photographer