Anne and Mikey

how we met

Mikey and I met on a production of “Footloose” the musical. I was choreographing the show, and Mikey was in it! My first impression of Mikey was that he was this goofy, sarcastic guy that was always late to rehearsals. Come opening night, one the of lead characters had to leave the show, and I was called to jump into the role—as I was the only one that knew all the dances! Because of that, Mikey and I became a part of a super close knit group of cast member friends. We stayed super close friends for the next 2 years—even within our friend group, it was clear we had a special connection. Eventually we both wanted to move away to go to school—and we both picked the same school to go to. As best friends, we knew it’d be nice to have each other with such a big move… but of course, the summer before moving, we spent so much time together and after awhile we couldn’t deny that we were becoming something more than friends. We left home as a new couple… and the rest is history!

how they asked

Once we both graduated from undergrad, Mikey moved again to attend grad school at Columbia in New York City. I stayed in Chicago and missed him so much, I was practically visiting NYC every month. The third month of him being away, I came and visited for his birthday. He took me out the first night I came, and we went down to the flatiron district of the city. Once we got to Madison Square Park, Mikey insisted we go in the middle of the square to take pictures…. I was totally game, and didn’t think anything of it, because I wanted to do that same. The moment I had my back turned to him, I turned back around he was on one knee in the middle of the square asking me to marry him! It was amazing!

Special Thanks