Anne and Maurice

Image 1 of Anne and Maurice Brown

How We Met

We went to Daemen College together. We knew each other and had mutual friends, but never really ran in the same circle. We were reconnected when I had plans with our friend Dominique, and he was, unexpectedly, with her. We talked a bit here and there, but really reconnected a few months later, when he asked me to hang out. Neither of us had any clue it was a date, but we now consider it our first.

How They Asked

I take vocal lessons, and regularly (pre-pandemic) had shows at Mangia restaurant with my vocal studio. This particular show happened to fall on valentine’s day. Maurice and I exchanged gifts when I got home, and I quickly did my makeup and tossed on a red dress to head out to the show.

At this point in the story, it would probably help to know that I’m blind. I sang my songs, as usual, and Maurice came up to the stage. I held out my hand, since he usually helps me down and back to my seat. But this time, he got on stage and walked over to the microphone. I was confused, because I thought we were holding up the show, and people were going to be upset.

Instead, I got a proposal and a gorgeous ring. I said yes. Turns out, everybody but me was in on it; my vocal coaches knew and took the video, and my mom and cousin were there waiting when I came off stage. A friend had bought a cake reading “She said yes” and, hilariously, it had been sitting in front of me the whole time I was waiting to perform. Obviously, I didn’t see it.

It was so romantic; my fiancé proposed while I was singing, one of the things I love most, and I was completely surprised, although, looking back, there were hints I could’ve picked up on. The proposal was just another example of how well he knows me, and how much he cares. I didn’t know that would end up being one of the last Mangia shows I would perform at this year, due to Covid 19. It couldn’t have been a more meaningful moment. It is what I look back on when I’m tempted to write off 2020 completely.