Anne and Joe's "The Bachelor"-Themed Proposal

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How We Met

Joe and I met on an online dating website. He had just signed up, and I had not had much luck. He said he got a “wink” from me but I made it a point to never make the first contact, so now we both say that God winked at him for me. He emailed me and we texted back and forth a few times. I actually blew him off 3 times because I was getting to know another guy but when that didn’t work out, Joe immediately came to my mind and I just knew I had to text him. He asked me out a 4th time and the rest is history! We had an amazing first date that neither of us wanted to end. Just an instant connection.

Our relationship has continued to grow every day. Joe is the most amazing man I’ve ever known and we have so much fun together. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him!

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how they asked

We took things pretty slow in our relationship and I had a “6 month rule” that no guy could meet my parents until things were going well for at least 6 months (I have been burned in the past, so I didn’t want to introduce him to my family until I had a pretty good feeling it would work out). So he met my parents at the 6 month mark and we went to a charity gala with them that same weekend. The charity gala is an annual event, so we went back this year (February 27, 2016).

That Friday night before we made the drive to my parents’ house, Joe surprised me with a dozen red roses “just because.” He was acting kind of weird that weekend in general. I had made him promise to call my best friend of over 20 years before he proposed because she knows me better than anyone and she would ensure the proposal was everything I’ve ever dreamed of. She also lives about a mile from my folks. So that Saturday before the gala, I went over to her house while Joe, her husband, and my father went out for beers. I asked her if she thought he was going to propose that night at the gala and she told me with a completely straight face that he had not called her. So I truly believed it wasn’t going to happen and even broke the news to my mom, who had also been hopeful.

That night, we arrived at the gala around 6pm and the opening remarks occurred around 7. I had been attending this event for years because my dad used to be the executive director at the facility, so I wasn’t paying much attention. The current executive director started the evening off with a raffle “for anyone who had purchased a ticket.” He drew my name and I was so confused. I walked up in front of the crowd of about 300 people and the director handed me a rose. I embarrassingly accepted the Rose by admitting to the whole room that I indeed watch The Bachelor. The director told me the Rose was only the first part of my prize. My dad apparently had to nudge Joe and remind him that was his cue. So Joe walks up and takes the microphone.

I remember looking at him and asking what he was doing. He handed me a second rose and began to talk about how the rose’s beauty could not compare to mine. Then he told a story about how I had had a dream that past Thursday night in which he proposed and then took it back. He said what I didn’t know is that he had dreamt of the proposal as well but in his dream he had left the ring in his car and couldn’t find his car. Then he said, “But tonight is not a dream…”

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He got down on one knee, pulled the ring out of his tuxedo, and asked me to marry him! I cried and was stunned all at once! I said yes and couldn’t even wait for him to stand up before I kissed him!

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My parents ran up, everyone clapped, and we ran outside to just celebrate the moment (and call everyone we knew)! When I called my best friend, she laughed and said she hadn’t lied. Joe had texted (not called) her. We spent the rest of the evening at a free engagement party! There was a live band and everything. Joe had also arranged for my other friends at the gala to congratulate me with roses, so by the end of the night, I had a second complete bouquet. It was the best night of my life!

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