Annarose and Mitch

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How We Met

Mitch and I met in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania in October of last year at a church event. He had just recently moved to PA for his job and he had no friends or family within 2000 miles radius. He joined our church and started going to events to try to meet new people and make some friends. It was really funny because being the “new guy on the block” all of the girls were swooning over him. I never gave him a second glance in that sense. I just thought he was a decent, quiet guy. I never thought in a million years that a year and a half later we would be engaged! One day, Mitch asked me out to lunch. Of course all of my friends were super jealous because they knew I had no interest in dating him. But I thought “hey, why not? Free lunch!” (I know horrible, right?) After that lunch date in a small hometown diner, I knew that Mitch was something special, but I never knew that under 2 years later, we would be engaged!

how they asked

After a year of dating, Mitch got a promotion to Fresno, CA. I was devastated. I didn’t want him to move 3000 miles and 3 time zones away! I’m currently in graduate school for speech-language pathology, so I was in no place to move to CA with him. Mitch assured me nothing was going to change and he would do everything in his power to ensure our relationship thrived despite the distance.

After the big move, things were fantastic. Nothing changed. Mitch currently calls me every night, and we skype once a week. He also either flies me to CA every 2 months, or he comes to Pennsylvania. My love for Mitch grew as a result of the distance, as crazy as that sounds!

Well, I am still currently in graduate school and I am extremely busy with all of my school work and clinical rotations. So one of my friends suggested that in a few weeks, we do a “girls day” at a local state park, Rickett’s Glenn. I really needed the break and the time off from my school work and stress, so I agreed! Especially since I love Rickett’s Glenn because of all of the beautiful water falls there.

The day we went to Rickett’s Glenn, my friend who had originally set up the day trip, brought her camera to take some pictures. She is a photographer so I thought nothing of it. Once we got there. She started taking pictures right away and we all had fun posing in front of the camera as we made our way to the tallest water fall in the park, Ganoga.

Well, I was in for a big surprise once I got there! Once we made it to Ganoga, all of my friends got unnaturally quiet. Next thing I hear is, “hello, Anna.” I whirled around and standing right in front of me is the love of my life, Mitch. My friend immediately started taking pictures of my very surprised reaction! Mitch took my hand, led me to the bottom of the waterfall and asked me to be his wife!

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Mitch set up the whole event with my friend, to ensure that I was there for the proposal, and then flew from CA to PA for the fourth of July weekend without me knowing just to give me the surprise of my life!

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Time stood still for me at the bottom of Ganoga. Mitch gave me the best surprise proposal a girl can ask for! I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend!

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