Annalisa and Adam

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How We Met

Adam and I saw each other for the first time at the 2018 Easter Show where his sister and I worked together. Adam’s sister was certain I was the perfect match for Adam and asked for my number. Adam held onto my number until August that year when we started dating. Adam was going to the World Cup in Russia in June of that year, so I am sure he wanted to be a single man for that, hence holding onto my number for that long! On Adam’s return from the World Cup, he finally reached out and took me to Holey Moley Golf for our first date. After not letting me win…. Well, the rest is history.

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How They Asked

Adam and I spent the day at the Sydney Zoo, he loves animals and watching the discovery channel! (I think that was a little treat for himself, to settle the nerves)

In the afternoon we checked into the Shangri La Hotel, Sydney & spent the afternoon in our beautiful room on the 18th Floor, taking in the view of Sydney with antipasto Board and wine. Along with the complimentary bottle of wine (Adam continued to tell me the free upgrades were from an online coupon). Dinner followed at Café Sydney, what another amazing view. To help throw me he managed to get the restaurant to deliver dessert with “Happy Anniversary” written on it. After dinner we were headed to a new Pop-Up Bar (which is what he told me anyway) as we approached the location of where the bar was supposed to be, it was actually a rotunda looking at the Harbour Bridge.

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We walked up to the rotunda and I heard our favourite song playing (the acoustic version of the Friends TV show theme song – We love Friends!) We proceeded up the stairs and I was just blown away!! The light-up letters, flowers and candles, it was all so beautiful! Adam asked me to marry him and it was a big YES!

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