Annaleigh and Trevor

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How They Asked

It was the Christmas season of 2018. My then-boyfriend and elementary school sweetheart and I were preparing to move during the busiest times of the year. We had been chatting about marriage but it was becoming clear to me that we were not going to get engaged before Christmas. (Boy was I wrong!)

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Instead, he planned an elaborate surprise during one of the last nights spent in our first apartment together. We had the fun idea to have our own little Christmas early with our dog before we moved to our new place. I asked him to pick a present to open first, sitting in front of our Christmas tree with him behind me. I said it a few times with my back still turned to him, getting no reply. When I finally turned around he was down on one knee saying the words I will never forget, “I pick you forever, will you marry me?” Josh Groban’s version of ‘The First Noel’ was playing, tears filled our eyes and I barely remember saying yes before I tackled him to the ground with overwhelming joy. It was a quite proposal, no videos, no photos. Just us.

20 years of friendship leading up to this point as we met on the playground of our elementary school in first grade. We went back to that spot where we first met to get our engagement photos. Our wedding is set to occur this September 26th, 2020. It still feels like a fairytale that I found my way back to my first love and first-grade sweetheart. Fate truly does exist!

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