Annaleah and Jared

How We Met

Jared and I met at the gym. He is a trainer and my sister and I took one of his classes and cheated the entire time. I swore I would never take his class again because he was too tough.. now we’re engaged!

how they asked

I was driving home after work and I called Jared. I told him that we should dress up as a banana and a hotdog for the Halloween weekend and go out, he of course agreed and said it was the best idea he had ever heard, so he got off the phone to go shower. Once I was approaching my house I noticed there was a note on the front door and the window was blacked out on the door. I of course hurried out of the car to grab the note that read, “From the first day I met you I knew you were something special. Whether it’s you singing to ever song in the car on our first date to your lame dance moves, you’ve never cared what anyone thinks, and that’s my favorite thing about you. 3 years later that is still true. You’ve made me the happiest I’ve ever been, come inside and follow the path so I can show you some of our favorite memories.”

Naturally I started tearing up until I opened the front door then the water works began. The entire house was lite up by candles and there were balloons everywhere and a picture of us tied to every balloon. There was a path of fresh roses, which I soon realized would take me on a path around the house describing his favorite things about me. The first stop was to my right as soon as I walked in, there was a note tied to a balloon. The note read “Whether we are at the party of the year with thousands of people, or at the local bar convincing ourselves we have the best food ever, my favorite party is right here on this couch doing absolutely nothing with you. There is never a dull moment with you.”

So I wiped away my tears and followed the path to the next stop which was in the office. In the office there was a chalk board that said you will forever by my always with a note taped to it. The entire office was lite up by strings of lights and there were also balloons with pictures in there. The next note read, “my second favorite thing about you is that you remind me to appreciate the little things. I love how excited you get when I draw you a new picture on the chalkboard. You make me stop focusing on the big things which I struggle with. We are complete opposites yet we balance each other out perfectly. Thanks for helping me appreciate the small things. Next stop snacks.”

As everyone can image I was a complete mess by this point, sobbing uncontrollably. I followed the rose path to our kitchen and to the pantry. The pantry was filled with all of my favorite snacks. The next note read, “My third favorite is that you love food almost as much as I do, yet you still try your best to live a healthy lifestyle like me. Thank you for making things that are important to me important to you. Except for today, you can eat every snack if that’s what you want! You’re getting so close keep following the path.” The last stop lead me to an extension cord with the note taped to it on the outside it said plug me in.

The note read “one day these walls will be filled with pictures of our family but for now I thought you might like this. You’re the only person in the world that makes me excited about starting a family one day, and although it still scares me like no other I’m so happy it will be with you. Now if you aren’t completely smitten yet come upstairs so I can finish the job.” I plug in the extension cord and the stairway lights up with a string of lights that has pictures on it all the way to our bedroom. Just about ever picture we’ve taken was in our house at the moment. So of course I run up stairs and into our room that’s lite up with candles everywhere. That’s where I find Jared on his knee with the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen in front of our bed which reads Marry Me in fresh red rose petals.

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