Annah-Lizah and Alexander

How We Met

I lowered my height requirement on Alex just hoped I looked something like my photos. Alex drove a ’97 Corolla and talked about his dogs…a lot. I challenged myself to be a better person. I made one little dirty joke and Alex was hooked.

How They Asked

After 2 years Alex bought a ring. Alex had been sitting on the ring since August 2017. Alex really wanted to propose at the Kraft Boulders during a super moon. There was one in December 2017 and two in January 2018. During all three I refused to leave the house because it was too cold. He finally settled on Valentine’s Day (because, the basic). For the proposal, Alex explained that he didn’t have time to get a proper Valentine’s present but asked if I would accept a back-up present. I was confused. Did Alex hoard back-up presents in case he forgets an event or screws up? Do I still get a proper present if I turn down the back-up present? No. “Well, then I don’t want your shitty back-up present. I’ll wait for a proper present”.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Home

Alex insisted that I take the back-up present. With resignation, I agreed. With eyes closed, Alex got down on one knee and asked. I was so overjoyed Alex had to remind me to say yes. I did and I’m still waiting for a proper Valentine’s present (because I’m extra). I do know that there’s no one else I’d rather explore with, travel with, laugh at, or fart with. I love how Alex is affectionate, loving, intelligent, and challenging. Alex loves how I’m a “sophisticated, sensuous, empathetic, and affectionate feminine fireball who is just as at home in stilettos as she is in hiking boots”.

Annah-Lizah and Alexander's Engagement in Home

Special Thanks

Carlos Manzo
 | Photographer