Annabelle and Josh

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How They Asked

I always thought if Josh were to buy a ring, that I would 100% know about it, especially during quarantine when we’re practically always together! Well, I was 100% wrong about that. We planned a trip to Breckenridge to get out of the Texas heat. We thought we could stay a week and work from home a couple of days, then explore the town for the rest. The week before our trip, 2 of my girlfriends asked me to get my nails done and I told each of them that I didn’t wanna pay for a manicure until I grew my nails out more, and we were gonna be hiking and doing outdoor things in Colorado, so I just didn’t feel like getting them done.

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I remember telling my manager we were going on this trip and she kept saying “I’m so happy for you, you need to take some PTO it’s been way too long since you have!” (Little did I know that she knew what was going to happen). We work from home on Monday and Tuesday, and on Wednesday Josh was pretty adamant about going to a place called Blue Lakes for our hike. Once we got there we did a small hike, then Josh wanted to go on the other side of the lake that had a beautiful view of the whole place. Josh said he really wanted to get footage of it for his drone and I really wanted to get a picture of us.

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We drove down to where the view was and I noticed these 2 girls kept taking pictures of each other, I thought to myself omg this is perfect, I’m gonna go up to them and offer to take a pic of them so they can take one of us! I went up to the girls and said, “If I take a picture for yall, do you mind getting one of us??” they responded, “Hey girl yes of course thank you so much!!!” I quickly snapped a couple of pics for them, then called Josh over so they could take a picture for us. He came over and barely said hi to the girls, and he also had his drone flying RIGHT in front of the phone that they were using to take our picture. I kept saying, “move the drone they’re trying to take a picture of us!! It’s in the way!”

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Josh then had the drone take off, and the girls said to get ready and pose (they were also using their professional cameras which I thought was kind of odd at the time). Once the girls said “get ready, 1, 2, 3…I felt Josh take my hand then I turned to him and saw him down on his knee. (Just some background here-he has “pretended” to propose a couple of times before so I thought this was another one of those times). When I saw him down on his knee I was SO confused and I said what are you doing, don’t joke around these girls are trying to take a picture of us!!”

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Then he pulls out a little box, and then he opens it and there’s the most beautiful ring inside. TO SAY I WAS IN COMPLETE SHOCK IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT! After he opens the box he says, “SL (sweet love), I love you so much, will you marry me?” I immediately said YES and the girls who were taking our picture quickly said “We know Josh from college he planned this whole thing here so we could capture this moment!!” See some pics below from the best moment of my entire life!

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