Annabel and Kelsey

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How We Met

I was 19 and my parents had just split up, I spent a lot of time going out with friends during the summer of 2011. I met Kelsey through a friend in our local highstreet pub. Because of his name, I actually thought we were meeting up with a girlfriend, so was surprised to see a smart, handsome man in front of me. It wasn’t until a few months later, in October that we bumbed into each other again on a night out and actually swapped numbers. The odd text back amd forth turned into constant messages and in December we finally went for our first date! The rest is history!

how they asked

It was bank holiday monday and we had just finished cooking breakfast together. We had decided we were going to do something together as the weather was meant to be the hottest bank holiday Monday on May on record. We couldn’t decided if we wanted to go for our usual weekend bike ride together and everything i suggedt Kelsey seemed to turn down.

I have been on Slimmingworld for a few weeks now and had decided whatever we did needed to allow for my diet! Kelsey then suggest he bake me a slimmingworld brownie that i had a recipe for. I thoight it was a lovely idea and left him to it. We nice the brownie was ready he called me into the kitchen to try a bit. The brownie was cut into a square and on the side i could see some parchment paper poking out. I picked out the paper, very confused to how it got there. I started to unfold the paper to see what it was and saw the band of a ring in my palm. I turned to face Kelsey and he was already down on one knee. He then asked me to marry him. Of course i said yes and couldn’t quite believe he had managed to surprise me like this!

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The day just kept getting better as he them said he had planned a trip for us that night to celebrate. Once we told all our family what had happened we drove to Dover to get a ferry to Calais and drove to Ostend in Belgium. He had booked us an executive suite on the top floor of the hotel with our own private roof top. We had champagne and chocolates on our arrival and access to the hotel spa! I was well and truly treated like a princess. The weather was so beautiful we managed to spend the next day sunbathing on the beach before we returned home that evening. Everyone has sais that after 6 & a half years together the proposal was perfect for us and couldn’t have gone any other way. Kelsey organised the whole thing and kept it a secret. The only person who knew he had bought the ring was his late Nan Maureen who past away earlier this year. I couldn’t be more honoured to be the next Mrs Brewster!!!!

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