Annabel and Chris

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Downtown Fort Worth, TX Sundance Square

Chris and I have been together since 2011 so after that many years this proposal was definitely a surprise! He had mentioned the previous week before that he wanted us to hire a photographer to take holiday pictures of us, especially at Sundance Square, which is in my hometown of downtown Fort Worth, TX and always has such beautiful Christmas decorations. Plus, the area had such special meaning to our relationship as it was where we had one of our first dates.

After about an hour or so into the photo shoot Chris mentioned that he wanted to take a photo of us with our backs against one another, which I immediately laughed at and said that was so cheesy (I feel so bad about that now!). Our photographer immediately entertained his idea and had me pose with my back turned away from him, which gave him time to do the sweet, romantic, gentlemanly tradition of getting down on one knee. My mouth dropped as soon as I turned around and saw him with the hugest smile on his face. Being the dork that I am, I just kept jumping with excitement and telling him,”Oh my gosh, no way! Yes! Of course, of course!!!”

My heart is so full of exuberant happiness and Chris definitely gave me the surprise of my life with that beautiful proposal. We are absolutely pumped and on cloud nine with this new chapter of our relationship. As Taylor Swift sings,”Baby let the games begin!”

Annabel and Chris's Engagement in Downtown Fort Worth, TX Sundance Square

Special Thanks

Janay Williams
 | Photographer