Anna and Zach

How We Met

Zach and I met on Instagram:) Summer of 2013 Zach hung out with a few people down near I where was going to school, it was an hour away from where he lived. Through their Instagrams he found mine, I was cheering for my University at the time, and when he found me he thought I was really cute and followed me. I returned the follow and for three years we followed each other’s life adventures only through Instagram without talking to each other except through liking each other’s posts. I cheered for BYU and he became a travel videographer and traveled to 60 countries over those three years. He says he knew he wanted to marry me even before he met me! So, July 2016, I happened to be up in Salt Lake City, where he was living, and I posted a picture.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Maui, Hawaii

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Maui, Hawaii

He commented on it saying “come visit next time(pizza emoji)” .. but I left for two months and taught college cheerleading camps around the country and when I came back I posted a recap video. Zach was one of the first to like it. I remembered him, went back to my old post and commented back.. this was 10 weeks later and he still gives me crap about it:) haha we laugh about it now! Anyways, he quickly DMed me letting me know he wanted to get to know me. and set up a time to adventure and shoot! For our first date, we did tin foil dinners and astrophotography! He was still traveling a lot, but we were together every day he was home until he was home for a long period of time and we became inseparable. Our story definitely didn’t happen fast, but I believe we met each other at the perfect time in each of our lives. I am so happy we met each other for real in 2016, rather than 2013, because we were ready for each other then. It was the most unexpected thing in my life, but I am most grateful for it. We have traveled, adventured, tried new things, laughed, cried and loved!! and two years later exactly we got married!

Where to Propose in Maui, Hawaii

Proposal Ideas Maui, Hawaii

How They Asked

Ever since I was young, I have been obsessed with Hawaii. I mean obsessed, dolphin themed room, hibiscus favorite flower, emails and passwords all have something to do with Hawaii, dolphin stuffed animals, everything haha but I had never been. For Valentines Day Zach surprised me with a trip to Hawaii. I was so beyond excited I couldn’t wait for April. As I mentioned above Zach has traveled a lot, so he knows what he’s doing when it comes to traveling and planning. Zach tricked me into thinking the sole purpose of the trip was to shoot photo and video for the Sheraton Maui. Which we were but that’s not why we were in Hawaii.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Maui, Hawaii

We finally got to Hawaii and Zach had been mentioning the whole week how he was trying to work with Sheraton to get a sunset sail cruise. My father passed away three years ago and he had a huge love for sailing, he had a beautiful boat and I used to go with him a lot, but I hadn’t been sailing since he passed. I told Zach to not even worry about it because the week in Hawaii was more than I could ever ask for, I was so happy!! But little did I know he already had everything planned! The morning of the proposal he flew in my best friend Haley from a different island in Hawaii, for what I thought was to help us shoot for Sheraton! (she’s an incredible videographer) We had a fun day adventuring around Maui and shooting with Haley!

That afternoon he surprised me with the sunset sail! Zach told me he had worked it out with the sail company to do a video of a couple on the sunset cruise!! I was so excited! We headed back to the hotel, showered and got ready and headed for the boat. We got on and I was so emotional, the whole feeling was unbelievable, it honestly didn’t feel real. I was thinking of my daddy, there was a huge rainbow over Maui and a whale breached! Full out of the water, you can see that all in the video. They told us, the whales hadn’t come up in about a month like that!

It was a private boat just me, Zach, Haley and the two workers. I remember sitting on the boat feeling like it was gonna take me a while to get over this whole experience.. even having absolutely NO idea what was coming! Haley was filming us on the front of the boat… now remember I am thinking we were doing a lovey-dovey couple video for the boat, which wasn’t really the truth. As we were standing on the front of the sailboat. Zach knelt down.

It was the most surreal moment I’ve ever experienced! I was so shocked, I had absolutely no idea at all that he was going to do that! Literally no idea. The ring was perfect, the moment was perfect, my man is perfect. He is amazing, every single thing he does for me has meaning and is made so special. Every moment of my proposal was thought out for how it could mean the most to me and us. I love him so much. and I love that I get to be loved in a cheesy, adventuring, snuggly, eskimo kissing, fairytale way the rest of my life!

Our Video

Special Thanks

Haley Bateman
 | Videographer