Anna Paula and Derek

How We Met

We met while I was working as a barmaid. He was a bit shy at first, so he added me on facebook to make it easier to talk lol

how they asked

Derek proposed to me on March 16, 2017. Since we are both NY Knicks fans, we try to go to a game every year in the fall or winter. This time he picked a winter game. We sat very close to the court which was super exciting. During halftime, one of the MSG workers started calling out seat numbers and I didn’t really pay much mind until he approached us and I noticed he was calling ours. He asked Derek and I to stand up and come with him towards the court. He began explaining how we were chosen to play a game on the big screen and that we would have to say the answer. I was shaking not really understanding what was going on he walked us onto the basketball court. As they counted down the seconds to the question, I just kept hoping I wouldn’t say the wrong answer. However, the question that popped up on the big screen wasn’t the question I was expecting – It said “Anna Paula, will you marry me? I love you, Derek” and there he was on one knee on MSG’s basketball court. It was one of the most amazing moments ever, and the answer was yes yes yes!

Special Thanks

Photography By Orlando
 | Photographer
Brooklyn Bridge Park
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