Anna and Nick

Anna and Nick's Engagement in Jupiter, FL

How They Asked

Almost every year since we started dating, we’ve been going to Jupiter to spend Christmas with Nick’s family. The night before we leave, we usually exchange gifts but Nick kept insisting that one of the big gifts hadn’t arrived yet. So he let me open two— a t-shirt and a ring pop. I was so mad especially when I found out he didn’t even buy the ring pop himself; someone gave it to him as a joke.

Where to Propose in Jupiter, FL

So we arrive in Florida on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday morning the whole family is getting ready for a boat ride. This isn’t unusual as both Nick and his dad are fishermen and we often go for boat rides. Everyone was talking about taking a ride to the sandbar, a fun hangout spot not far from the marina where Nick’s dad keeps his boat. We anchor the boat and crack open some drinks and notice some friends pulling up on their boat. I didn’t think much of it until someone yelled, “hey, Anna! Check out that sign!” I turned around to see the sign that said “Anna, will you marry me?” attached to the back of the other boat. I turned around to see Nick on one knee and exclaimed, “Are you ******* kidding me?!” Nick requested that I continue to make macaroni and meatballs every Sunday for dinner and that I marry him. After some crying, more expletives, and disbelief, I said, “of course”. As if all of this wasn’t enough, I hear someone yell, “About time!” from the other boat. To my surprise, Nick had my parents fly in from Texas so that they could be part of the occasion. After about 6 months of scheming with my family and his own, Nick made me the happiest woman…and designed the most beautiful ring I could have imagined.