Anna-Lisa and Matthew

Anna-Lisa's Proposal in Communication Hill, San Jose, CA

How We Met

Family is everything to me. I don’t have a very big one, especially now, but thankfully I have a ton of friends to fill that void. My nephew and I are very close, he’s more like an honorary son to me. Every year I would take my nephew to a local holiday event called Christmas in the Park. The city would decorate a small park in the middle of downtown with Christmas booths and a ton of Christmas trees. I was walking around with my nephew when I noticed a man looking at me. When we made eye contact, he approached me and said his name was Matt and that I was very beautiful and said my son was cute. I clarified that he was my nephew and I could see the relief in Matt’s eyes (he admitted later that he didn’t really want to date someone with kids but there was something about me and he had to talk to me). He introduced his cousin who he was with and asked if we could walk around together. I was weary since I was with my nephew and these were strangers. Matt could sense my hesitation so he offered hot chocolates at least. So we went over and he bought each of us a crazy expensive hot chocolate. Of course that won my nephew over and we ended up walking and chatting the whole night. As the evening was winding down, he bought my nephew a toy and then asked for my number. I have a strong relationship with the Lord, so I asked if he loved Jesus, he laughed and said yes actually, I attend church every Sunday. I said OK, then you can have my number. We started texting and went to lunch a few days later. During that lunch date I explained to him how I have been through a lot lately with my mom passing away about a year earlier and that my brother was currently dying from cancer. I started crying and he sat patiently as I composed myself. I said I don’t think it’s a good time for me to start dating right now, that doesn’t seem fair to my brother. Matt responded and said there was a reason we were to meet, even if it’s to just be friends. He said nobody should go through what I have and he was so sorry that another person I loved was being taken from me so soon. Matt said that he wasn’t going anywhere and that he would wait for me. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to tell my brother about this amazing and supportive man that I met as he quickly worsened and passed away a couple weeks later. Matt was there through my tears, anger, denial, and even stood by as I tried to push him away. Matt would just remind me that he isn’t going anywhere unless I really really want him to, he wanted to support me and stand by my side. I knew then that I was going to marry him someday.

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How They Asked

I am one of the hardest people to surprise. I love knowing all the details and I get suspicious if you won’t tell me some information. One of my best friend’s recently got engaged and invited me to test a caterer with her. Her fiance wasn’t going to be able to make it that evening, so she wanted to make it a girl’s night with another friend and her daughters and get dressed up. I didn’t think anything of it as this is not an unusual occurrence for us. As the date approached, I kept asking her for details, who was the caterer? Where was it going to be held? What type of food? She couldn’t give me many details but blamed it on the person who gave her the caterer’s info, which is also not out of the ordinary. The evening before, Matt and I went to our favorite walking/jogging place in our neighborhood and then had a nice dinner. I was frustrated because almost 3 months earlier he told me the proposal was soon, so I brought that up to him again. I reminded him of that and that 3 months is not soon. I also ended the evening with you better get a haircut before you propose, no matter when it is.

The day of the tasting arrived, February 29th. I got ready and put one of my favorite dresses on, put on some mascara (I don’t wear makeup) and curled my hair. In the back of my head, I wondered if this may be a cover for Matt proposing, so I had to make sure I looked good haha. My friends picked me up and right before we’re going to leave, they ask to use the bathroom. As I am waiting in the car, one friend comes back but the other doesn’t. She eventually texts us saying she will be a while, her stomach isn’t feeling good (turns out that was just a cover!). We waited and waited, and finally she comes out but is on the phone with the “caterer.” They are asking her to come a little later as “one of the dishes didn’t turn out right and we need to redo it.” Another cover. Matt was running late and wasn’t at the spot yet! So we hung out in the car a little longer, and I admit to them that I thought this could have been a cover for Matt proposing but now obviously it’s not since she just talked to the caterer. They laughed and said well, I think we can head over now.

We began driving and I noticed we were heading towards that same walking/jogging spot that Matt and I love. I got a little suspicious about that but tried to brush it off. As we parked, I looked around to see if I could see Matt’s car (still had some hope this was a cover) but it was nowhere to be seen. My friend had a physical address for the caterer and it matched up with one of the houses we were parked near, so I was a bit disappointed. We walked towards the house and then my friend’s daughters asked if we could look out over the balcony (they didn’t know what was going on) and my friend’s said yeah, we have a few minutes. As we are enjoying the beautiful sun setting view, I hear an acoustic guitar start playing. I turn around and there is Matt walking down the hill across from us with his coworker playing the guitar, Matt’s brother and nephew, one of my other best friends and one of the friends I came with’s husbands. I was so surprised that I was right that I didn’t even know what to say! Matt started singing the first few lines from “I Can’t Help Falling In Love” and then told me that I was the most beautiful woman he’d ever met, that I was smart and handy, and that I was so strong for having gone through what I had. He got down on one knee and said he hoped we would serve the Lord together for the rest of our lives and asked if I would give him the honor of becoming his wife. Of course I said yes! and he slipped the most beautiful ring on my finger. Then I admitted to everyone that I got mad at him last night for taking to long haha. We took some photos with all of our friends and family and then went to thai food for dinner. It was beautiful and magical and beyond what I could have hoped for, especially at one of our favorite places.

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