Anna Claire and Chris

Image 1 of Anna Claire and Chris

Chris and I have known each other for almost 2 years when we met at school when he trained me to take care of the college’s greenhouse as a summer job. We quickly began dating at the end of that summer and never looked back. Chris asked me to marry him on our favorite hiking trail, Hawksbill Craig with our best friends watching. It was a cold day for a hike, 28 degrees in fact. When he proposed, he had our friends take a picture of us with our puppy, Luna on the edge. Luna had a doggie go pro on to take a video of the ledge with us. He told me Luna got a new collar and when I looked down there was the beautiful floral color on Luna. Confused, I sat down to look at it to see who’s name was on the tag, thinking Chris found it on the trail. On the tag was written “will you marry me?” Next thing I knew, Chris was on one knee and asked me if I’d make him the happiest man alive. Of course I said yes (followed by Duh!). Can’t wait to marry my best friend and trail mate.
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